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Kaoru Oshima: Beyond Cross-Dressing Part One

KAI-YOU - Original Japanese Date: June 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: January 22nd, 2016

Kaoru Oshima is one of the most popular cross-dressers who ignited the dormant genre by starring in a slew of Japanese AV titles before retiring in June of 2015.

Kaoru Oshima was once an AV star who appeared in newhalf titles in spite of being 100% male. This performer never once used hormones nor has undergone any gender modification surgeries. For almost two years Kaoru Oshima worked rather heavily as a performer in Japan's burgeoning adult video industry before retiring in June of 2015.

Currently age 27, it's hard to imagine this beautiful Brazil-born 100% Japanese man actually being not what he appears to be. Kaoru Oshima isn't shy to exposure nor fame. Fans love him and he's not a tad embarrassed about showing him body in ways least restricted. His career in the AV biz was short, but fiery and he was a powerful figure amongst his peers.

After he announced his retirement from Japanese AV, he made a post on his blog informing fans that they haven't seen the last of him. “I'll be back...whether you like it or not. I know not everyone truly understands me. My appearance has left many people scratching their heads.” What was his intention when he wrote it? Let's scratch that itch and find out!


KAI-YOU: What made you start your journey down the road to becoming a cross-dresser?

Kaoru Oshima: The first time I cross-dressed was when I was 15. Weekdays I'd dress as a normal boy going to and from school, but weekends behind my parents' back I dressed as a woman. I knew there was a demand for cross-dressers in the AV world. I've even seen some titles featuring them, but I didn't feel the urge to take part. The thing is some years back cross-dressing AV equated to weird old men in drag. It wasn't until recently that newhalfs—let alone cross-dressers—have seen much demand. The quality compared to manga* of years back just wasn't there yet.

*A good example of a cross-dressing manga that was popular well before the cross-dresser Japanese AV boom is Anal Justice.


Kaoru Oshima shaved (or permanent hair removal?)


KY: Did you buy your own makeup and clothing?

KO: Not at first. I was still in middle school and had no money to my name. Thankfully I found an out via the internet and met a nice older man who gifted me female clothes. He was a fan of cross-dressing men. I began working part-time when I was in high school. Then with my own little bit of pocket change I purchased wigs, makeup, and clothing I could call my own. My makeup attempts back then were not good. I looked a lot like a drag queen though thankfully my skills have picked up a lot since then. Young cross-dressers back then were a rarity. I made friends real quickly by putting up pics on the net. However, my time in female clothing and makeup back when I first started was an indoor hobby. I was too scared to venture outside and possibly be spotted by someone who knew me.

KY: Are there days now where you don't dress as a woman?

KO: It's hard to answer that. Now that my hair is naturally long, even going out sans makeup and dressed otherwise people still think I am a woman. I may have been born and am still physically all male, but I've been me so long that I don't go out every morning mentally chanting an “I am a woman!” mantra.


To be continued...

Interview by Koduck Kawaguchi


(Translator's note: KAI-YOU includes two video interviews taken at the same time. We did not have the time to subtitle them, but they are still worth a watch.  Please go to to see them!)

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