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Kaoru Oshima: Beyond Cross-Dressing Part Three

KAI-YOU - Original Japanese Date: June 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: January 27th, 2016

Kaoru Oshima is one of the most popular cross-dressers who ignited the dormant genre by starring in a slew of Japanese AV titles before retiring in June of 2015.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


KAI-YOU: My apologies if I'm overstepping with this question, but was your first sexual experience with a man or woman?

Kaoru Oshima: My first time was with a man. I believe I mentioned about that nice older man who gave me clothes when I was a penny-less cross-dresser hopeful...anyway, my first time with a woman was when I was 16. She became my girlfriend.


KY: What do you look for in a girlfriend?

KO: I'm interested in someone who looks good in her outfits. She should pick something out that suits her body type and apply makeup in ways that is tasteful without overdoing it. Fortunately, this describes many, many women. There are tons of cute ones out there. In terms of personality, I like those who are calm and composed.


KY: It sounds like you know how women feel.

KO: I may know superficial things like makeup application, but I'm a man by birth so my knowledge of them is only skin-deep.


KY: Has your viewpoint of the world changed since you first came out as a cross-dresser?

KO: I wouldn't say it has changed much. Early on when I told people that I am a cross-dresser and not actually a woman, I was questioned about my sexuality. I think for awhile—and maybe still now—I'm living life in a gender gray zone which can confuse people. The times have changed some and cross-dressers are more accepted than they were a decade past though. What I am now is not done for laughs and I have no plans on becoming a woman. It's just who I am.


KY: What made you decide to enter the Japanese AV industry?

KO: I've seen quite a few AV stars announce their retirements with hopes of making it big in the mainstream entertainment industry. I feel like they only did AV to get exposure before jumping ship. My approach with 'Kaoru Oshima' is different. I wanted to ascend to popularity more naturally. I was at first impressed with how cross-dressing was shown in erotic manga: you essentially had cute guys dressed as women and they had dicks! It was really unique.

There were no cross-dressers in AV at the time. All there were was was newhalfs so I decided this was my best opportunity to enter the industry not as one of them, but as a bona fied cross-dresser. Newhalfs have somewhat of a bad image due to how they're often used as comic relief on TV. You'd see them on variety shows saying crazy things that are seen as unladylike. That's their shtick really: “can you believe it is really a man saying that?!” I rather not do that, but I also had an urge to be on the screen so I felt AV was my best option.

There was no cross-dresser genre until recently. My debut was one of the first and I felt like a real pioneer (RADIX, the company that debuted Kaoru Oshima AND the cross-dresser genre let us know that the had major issues with video stores who had no idea how to categorize cross-dressing titles. Were they newhalf? Gay? What?).


Heaven on earth starring Kaoru Oshima and if you don't agree, the door's to your right.


KY: Would you say the way you acted in your debut was close to how you are in real life?

KO: I was actually the very first 'AV actor' to receive an exclusive contract with a big-name Japanese AV production company. Even the agency was not sure how to handle me. Should they advertise me as an actor or actress? The pay for both was different, but I was obviously going to be starring in titles and not simply acting in them.


KY: Do you feel your time as an AV star helped achieve your goal of becoming something of an icon?

KO: I don't feel like an icon at all. My time in AV wasn't that long and speaking frankly, there are some things I'd love to go back and change if I could. I feel my image doesn't hold up to the perfection that are cross-dressers depicted in manga (he's as close as you can get! Trust us!). I've never masturbated to my own titles.


KY: What?

KO: That's proof right there that I'm no match for the beauty of 2D cross-dressers!


To be continued...

Interview by Koduck Kawaguchi


(Translator's note: Kaoru Oshima's AV career was short. It didn't even last 2 years unfortunately, but he did make a decent number of titles. What's more, he also worked at the famous Diamond Newhalf Soapland in Tokyo. If you were a fan of her just a little over a year ago, you could 'spend time' with him for a nominal fee.)

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