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Kaoru Oshima: Beyond Cross-Dressing Part Five

KAI-YOU - Original Japanese Date: June 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: February 1st, 2016

Kaoru Oshima is one of the most popular cross-dressers who ignited the dormant genre by starring in a slew of Japanese AV titles before retiring in June of 2015.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)



KAI-YOU: There's newhalfs, transgenders, cross-dressers, and more, but you don't seem to place yourself squarely in any category. Do you feel you simply don't want to categorize yourself?

Kaoru Oshima: I've thought about categorizing myself. However, I don't like talking about myself when it comes to gender identification. I rather people decide for themselves than me having to declare something. I know I'm not alone in this. There are MtX and FtX (Male to X and Female to X) people out there in the same boat. Then there are the few people who are born as both genders.

I'm sure some people like me yearn to be categorized. Things are better now of course. Long ago those who identified as homosexuals sometimes committed suicide due to worry and shame. Even those who are Hikikomori now have the internet as a means of communication. Some of them don't mind being grouped as something, but every bit of me rebels against it.


KY: Do you feel like the aforementioned categories are too rigid?

KO: It's hard to figure out what I am going by those categories. I don't think I'm gay and I'm certainly not a newhalf. There's a lot of sub-categories like MtF and FtM which I mentioned earlier. It's really rather confusing because you can keep on expanding the various types of people who may or may not associate with having gender identify disorder. I feel once upon a time categories were appropriate, but we're at a point now in society where the playing field of social interaction is flat and accessible for everyone. With that said, I don't think those rigid identity structures of the past aren't needed any longer.


KY: What about your image and vernacular? Do you feel like you have to act a certain way?
KO: I don't think anyone should be put into a certain category. Just because someone may be gay doesn't mean they have to have their hair styled a certain way, talk with a certain intonation, etc. This also holds true for cross-dressers. Some feel extreme peer pressure to always look one's best which can sometimes result in some very drastic measures. I think everyone should just do what the feel is right for themselves without any outside involvement. Some people may think otherwise and still group people differently, but you shouldn't let their decisions affect you. Everyone has things that they can be criticized about so sometimes opinions are best left unsaid.

Ladies and gentleman, Kaoru Oshima in 'man mode'.  How can someone look that attractive as both genders?


KY: Do you feel like the sexuality of those such as yourself is more apparent now?

KO: Well, I think sex is a lot more downplayed nowadays. In the past, you'd have late night television shows where breasts were shown without issue. Now you rarely will see something like that on broadcast TV. Sponsors nowadays are a lot stricter and I guess it can't be helped. Those who really want to see what cannot be shown can now find it on the internet rather easily whether its something akin to softcore late night shows or something harder.


KY: Does mass media need to be tamed?

KO: I've something to say on that. On one hand, you have children coming home after school and they're bound to watch TV. If they were immediately exposed to some of the raunchier scenes TV shows of old were known for, that'd make for quite a problem. I think some types of programming may be best put behind a paywall. That way people who really want to watch them will still have that ability.


KY: Thank you for spending so much time answering occasionally difficult questions. To conclude, please tell us your outlook of things from here on out.

KO: I will continue trying hard to break into the talent world. I've always had an interest in comedy and I hope to eventually take the stage in a positive way. I've already written a few columns somewhat unintentionally and now I'm feeling the urge to write a book. As I continue down my desired path, I may take to writing professionally more and more. Lastly, I just designed an original T-shirt. Have a look!

Be it TV or radio or whatever—I want my name to get out there. I want that grandpa out in the boondocks to know about Kaoru Oshima. I'd like that a lot.


Interview by Koduck Kawaguchi


(Translator's note: thank you for sticking around for another massive interview at My Dearest Desire. We want to showcase interesting tidbits from Japan's adult world and Kaoru Oshima is a perfect example of that. He may be done with AV, but you never know: perhaps you'll see him return some years from now as a director. A cross-dresser directing cross-dressing Japanese AV may make for wonderful titles—or extremely niche ones only cross-dressers can masturbate to.)

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