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The FETISH-JAPAN Interview Part One

FETISH-JAPAN - Original Japanese Date: July 29th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 17th, 2015

FETISH-JAPAN has been producing highly specialized Japanese AV for almost a decade with output becoming increasingly more bizarre and body parts-oriented.

FETISH-JAPAN is one of those AV production companies that frequently fly under the radar. There's a very, very good chance you've seen their work under various names. They're unique in that a huge chunk of their output is not distributed by them. Rather, you'll see it for sale under a variety of studio names (which we unfortunately cannot divulge though be on the lookout for certain repeated sets!).

As their name implies, FETISH-JAPAN is about bizarre Japanese AV. Recently their output has been very body parts-oriented. One of their directors whom we converse with often is in charge of filming a lot of these titles that tend to focus on oral play including the use of cheek retractors. They also produce a ton of lesbian content including some quite controversial fisting movies featuring ample doses of vaginal smegma.


Let's hear more about FETISH-JAPAN via our exclusive interview!


Japanese AV stars carrying a whole lot of natto for a WET & MESSY release that will be shown on ZENRA!


My Dearest Desire: What is FETISH-JAPAN and what makes it unique?

FETISH-JAPAN: We're a laboratory of strangeness. What we see other makers do, we do the exact opposite of. In other words, we do things very differently.


MDD: How long have you been producing AV?

FJ: Since about 10 years ago. However, back then we were just making 'normal' Japanese AV. We turned to focusing on fetish concepts about 7 years ago.


MDD: FETISH-JAPAN seems to focus mainly on maniac titles. How come?

FJ: We're very aware that nowadays it's very easy to see uncensored titles on the internet. These do star big names, but the overwhelming majority of the titles are straight-forward sex and nothing more. We find that boring.


MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan. How do you feel about having your work properly shown on a site like ZENRA?

FJ: We love the opportunity to show our fetish-influenced releases to a worldwide audience. We're happy that even more people now can see our work.


MDD: FETISH-JAPAN mainly seems to be an AV maker that runs monthly subscription websites and also sells DVDs. This is the opposite of most AV production companies. Is there a reason why you push more for monthly subscription sales over DVDs? Do you see this as the future for AV production companies?

FJ: The 'paysite' option seems to work for us. We want to assemble our fans in one place and provide them an easy way to view our work. It also makes our distribution requirements easier.


Japanese lesbian runny nose snot play.  Yes, people DO watch this.
Online at ZENRA this fall!


MDD: Instead of full movie releases, you seem to focus more on clips. This is very similar to how western adult video sites operate. Is there a reason for this way of shooting?

FJ: This is also part of our paysite concept from above. We want to make the clip selection, clip viewing, and clip purchasing process very simple for our fans. We rather not have them buy full movies and only watch certain portions. Selling clips makes for a much better experience.


MDD: Where do you see yourselves in a few years from now? What kind of titles will you be making?
FJ: (MDD note: some of you are really going to HATE this, while others may feel otherwise…) We want to see how far we can go with titles where the actresses DON'T have to take off their clothes. We want to make titles that still give off enough eroticism to masturbate to without being explicitly erotic.

To be continued

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