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The FETISH-JAPAN Interview Part Two

FETISH-JAPAN - Original Japanese Date: July 29th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 19th, 2015

FETISH-JAPAN has been producing highly specialized Japanese AV for almost a decade with output becoming increasingly more bizarre and body parts-oriented.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Any interesting stories from the set?

FETISH-JAPAN: Certainly! We make a series of titles called Peeing During a Blowjob (distributed by LAHAINA TOKAI). This is a very dramatic series where each actress gives a blowjob which ends up with the actor pissing into her mouth. In a strange twist of fate, one of the actresses actually ended up peeing herself during the shoot.


MDD: Normally we'd ask how many titles you release a month, but going by FETISH-JAPAN's clip-oriented approach, about how many hours of new footage do you release a month?

FJ: About 10-12 hours a month. (The equivalent of 4-6 titles a month)




MDD: We frequently receive email from English-speaking fans of Japanese AV who would love to be in a shoot. How can they go about taking part?

FJ: We're always welcome to accepting new people provided they have interesting ideas. (You heard it here! Got a really neat idea that would be a good fit for FETISH-JAPAN? Contact them in Japanese or simple English OR contact MDD support right away!)


MDD: So where does FETISH-JAPAN get its ideas from?

FJ: It's a collaboration between our directors and fans. We take both, mix them around some, and start filming!


MDD: FETISH TOKYO is what I'd call a parts maker. What other types of parts do you plan to shoot in the future?

FJ: We're not totally sure! We'll probably have to explore inside the body soon enough. We'll get a camera in there somehow...


MDD: Do you think mosaic hurts or helps Japanese AV?

FJ: We think it hurts it.


MDD: I notice that some of your anal titles feature rimjobs, but mosaic is not used when the tongue touches the anus. Other makers seem to apply mosaic to the anus when it is used during sex. Is not using mosaic risky?

FJ: It depends on where it's viewed. Everywhere has different morals. We want to show as much as possible to appease our fans.

No mosaic Japanese lesbian rimjobs.  Note the tape covering her vagina which saves hours in post-processing.


MDD: Can you tell us the process you undergo when planning and shooting a production?

FJ: It's probably not that much different than other production companies. We first ensure we have the money, then the ideas, then we query our staff, and if that all checks out, we shoot.


MDD: What are the reactions AV stars have when you approach them with the idea of appearing in a FETISH-JAPAN title?

FJ: Most are really intrigued and are happy to take part. (It should be noted that although FETISH-JAPAN makes some truly bizarre titles, most are not demeaning. Strange, yes, but not embarrassing in ways big-name AV stars would say no to. In fact, big names such as Tsubaki Katou and Saya Takazawa have taken part in their works!)


To be concluded….

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