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Pubic Hair Shaving Option at Brothels?

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: July 22nd, 2015
English Translation Published: October 16th, 2015

Pretty much any Japanese brothel offers paid extras on top of standard fare and pubic hair cutting is one of the newer additions.

One of the pleasures of Japanese brothels are the extra options they all offer. These extras can be thought of as sumptuous toppings to the basic packages. There already are brothels that have no-panty staff in the waiting room and cosplay and threesomes are offered for extra as well. Most establishments have a variety of bonuses with some being rather unique.

By the way, do any of you know about the new type of 'dispatch aroma este'?  It's essentially an out-call service that includes aroma incense with a handjob finish. They begin with a lymph node massage around the groin and testicles which usually results in a strong erection. This type of service does not go beyond handjobs.

The woman on staff usually wear white uniforms similar to those who work at spas as massage therapists. Some establishments also offer premium options that have them wearing lingerie, topless, or nothing at all. What if on top of this, there was an option to have pubic hair trimmed?

Already most women take care of the hair on other parts of their body such as armpits and legs, but not all do pubic hair. The reason is most likely due to that area almost always being covered up. Almost always

Women do have some concerns about it...especially when there's too much of it on the receiver of fellatio.

A sample of what a customer may receive at an Aroma Este.


I sometimes get pubic hairs in my mouth when I give head!”

A brothel worker once told me this. Some clients do have a lot of hair down there and there are establishments that do seem to offer a trimming service as a paid extra.

In fact, there even is an out-call 'Aroma Este' in Shinagawa that offers it for free! When requested, the customer the will be instructed to rest face up. His pubic hair will be brushed first before gently trimmed.


You really let it grow! Has it been long since your last trim?”

That's sometime I as an author have never heard, but apparently is common fare at this este. I don't think I trimmed my own pubic hair in the 30 some-odd years I've been alive.

Anyway, after that brush, the trimming begins. It must feel great. Bit by bit, a beautiful woman potentially wearing little to nothing tenderly stares daggers into your groin while beautifying its natural surroundings. When you're all done, you'll feel so much lighter! I'm sure some clients may worry about the use of scissors down there, but the results are worth it. Besides, all staff members who are able to perform the pubic hair cut receive a lot of training for it.

Accidents will not happen.

“It kind of feels like going to a hair salon.”

It still sounds kind of stressful to me, but the employee I was talking with told me she really enjoys it. For her, trimming her customer's pubic hair is a rather relaxing experience. It's also a bit thrilling.

They don't usually cut down to a scorched earth level. Customers have complained about the stubbly feeling. The trim somewhere before that which works in their favor since pubic hair that long requires frequent upkeep resulting in frequent visits.


Written by Hitoshi Shimon


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(Translator's note: yes, Japan (at least the big cities) has adult services for just about anything. If you've seen those relaxing massage plus handjob videos in a clinical setting, you can get that via the aroma este service described above. They are still pretty fringe, though. Most customers would still rather do more than simply receive a handjob under a strict no-touching rule. Also price-wise, these services are pretty much the same as regular brothel services where sex is a possibility. Then again, there's always that 'ura' menu ('secret' menu)...)

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