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Meeting Japanese AV Stars on a Regular Basis Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: August 9th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 16th, 2015

Most Japanese AV stars hold frequent events in the Tokyo area allowing their devoted fans to meet them.

One of the benefits to living in Japan and being a fan of Japanese AV is the very active fan thanksgiving culture. Since the bulk of the population lives in or close enough to Tokyo, most studios also call this lively town their base of operations.

It's very much possible that some of your favorite public nudity was shot in your very own backyard—or street corner...well you get the drift. In fact, this was one of the reasons public nudity titles of the last decade were so popular: on top of seeing a stark naked Japanese women in public, there also was a seriously high chance she'd be doing something naughty outdoors in an area you've actually been to!

It's this type of connection that hardcore fans of adult video here love and fortunately production companies are willing to give extra to keep them happy. One of the ways is by frequently held 'handshake' events. These are usually held in adult video stores and is one of the very novel ways fans can meet their adult video idols.

Depending on the production company, what goes down at these events can vary. Some can be simply handshakes and nothing more while others can go well beyond into the world of salacious touching.

RADIX is more of the latter. They hold handshake events multiple times a month. In fact, they are one of the more proactive AV makers in Japan when it comes to fan outreach. Their events also can get rather wild:  in a eureka moment, they came up with the idea of the more a fan buys, the more he gets in return. In other words, if you come to an event with 3 copies of RADIX and POOL CLUB titles, you'll get more in return from the AV star than someone that only had 1.

One of their trademarks is the ability to kiss an adult video star! On the lips!

Well, sort of.

They do use one of those thin plastic dividers for hygienic reasons. The more you buy the longer you can hold the kiss. I believe one of their most recent events had a 10 second limit along with other odds and ends like the ability for a semi-private on-the-spot photo session featuring your favorite actress in naughty lingerie.

The RADIX AV Actor Knowledge Test (link below)

RADIX also runs the AV Actor Knowledge Test. If you pass, you receive a certification card and if you attend any of their handshake events from here on out and they offer bonuses for card-carrying members, you can thank My Dearest Desire and ZENRA for that as we were the ones who pitched that idea to them.


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