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Exclusive Kaoru Oshima Japanese Cross-Dresser Interview Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: November 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: November 16th, 2015

The exclusive My Dearest Desire interview with Kaoru Oshima, the most famous cross-dresser in Japan who recently retired from Japanese AV.

Kaoru Oshima is a name you're guaranteed to be seeing more and more on ZENRA along with the AV world as a whole very soon. Recently retired from adult video in June of 2015, but with a ferocious work schedule, this cross-dresser has appeared in a large number of titles with more still being prepped for release.

And yes, you read that right: cross-dresser. Kaoru Oshima is 100% male. He is not a newhalf. He is not a ladyboy nor shemale. He's 100% male with no usage of estrogen and cosmetic surgery. He also identifies as a male even in 'cross-dressing mode' which for him is more than just a hobby, but a lifestyle that has no start and end times.

Kaoru Oshima recently penned a photo-essay book which can be seen as a autobiography. Interestingly, his publisher had some issue with the cover and the display of nipples. However, since Kaoru Oshima identifies as a man, the cover was allowed to be printed as is!

Read on for our 4-part exclusive interview with a unique individual who single-handedly sparked renewed interest in the long-dormant cross-dressing genre of Japanese AV!


AV Career


My Dearest Desire: How did you enter the AV industry? Did you just call up a newhalf-producing studio and say “I'm a cross-dresser who wants to do AV”?

Kaoru Oshima: I originally appeared in gay adult video titles (The level of mosaic this production company is a few percent above zero!). From there I had the chance to appear as a cross-dresser in AV and I took up the offer. Gay videos and their production companies aren't as common, aren't as numerous, and sell a lot less. What's more, I've always had a cross-dressing interest which fortunately came to my benefit when I was scouted online. The person who scouted me saw some cross-dressing pictures of myself and actually thought I was a female. Him and the people at the agency were surprised to say the least.

Kaoru Oshima during his time as a Japanese AV gay video actor


MDD: Did you face resistance when getting started?

KO: Yes, very much at first. There were many places that didn't want to shoot me. I was told to my face that cross-dressers were not popular right now.


MDD: We heard from RADIX that your title with them pretty much launched the modern cross-dressing genre. Before that title, cross-dressing mainly was with older men and was more perverted. Do you agree?

KO: Cross-dressing has always been a difficult genre. With newhalfs, you've MtF's who have had surgery and also may be taking hormones and look beautiful. Cross-dressers are more of a mixed bag given the fact that they're 100% male. What's more, newhalfs generally act as women all the time thus they have all the time in the world to nail down feminine mannerisms. Most cross-dressers have more of a 'perverted hobby' mindset thus treating their time dressed as the opposite gender as simply that: a hobby and nothing more. The number of cross-dressers who remain as such almost all the time is very low. With that said, yes, at first the cross-dressing genre of Japanese AV mainly featured those who took to cross-dressing as just an erotic hobby.


Kaoru Oshima's cross-dressing debut (available at ZENRA!)


MDD: Did you have performance anxiety on the set?

KO: I like both men and women so I had no issues on the set.

MDD: Any bad experiences in the industry?

KO: Nope, I had a lot of fun working in AV. I've always had a thing for both anime and cross-dressing within it so working in AV in my capacity was a dream come true.


MDD: At one time you wanted to direct Japanese AV. Would you still want to if the opportunity arose?

KO: At one time yes, I wanted to direct what I thought would be the ideal cross-dressing AV title. However, now that my sights are set on mainstream success, I'm putting that ambition on ice.


MDD: You did some work with, a foreign owned-and-operated site. How did this compare to your work with regular Japanese AV companies? Did you have any reservations about your content being uncensored?

KO: I've always been a fan of newhalf adult video so I already knew about Shemale-Japan before I even started my cross-dressing AV career. I never thought I'd have the chance to appear there, but fortunately I ended up taking part in a few shoots. Japan is strict with mosaic laws, but the same cannot be said for other countries. This was my only chance to do a non-mosaic shoot and I enjoyed it very much.


To be continued


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