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The Asagei Saki Hatsumi Interview Part One

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: March 24th, 2015
English Translation Published: October 12th, 2015

Saki Hatsumi now in her sixth year of doing Japanese AV also is pushing hard with an idol music career alongside fellow actresses.

It's time now for an extra lewd talk with Saki Hatsumi, a Japanese AV star whose lower body has extra doses of the eroticism bug. Erections are expected when hearing about this modern woman of Japan who yearned to do AV since she was still in high school!


Asagei: You just debuted a new CD with her idol unit, KÜHN, right?
Saki Hatsumi: Right! We're KÜHN and our debut came out on March 21. Right now we're taking crash courses in dancing.


AS: It looks like you're pushing your idol work more than your AV career at the moment!
SH: It's fun to have a new challenge in life. However, I've been an AV star for 6 years and it was my dream in high school and I'm not going anywhere!


AS: You wanted to be an AV star back when you were still in high school? How perverted were you?
SH: I've been a big pervert since middle school, actually.


AS: What got you started down this road to lewdness?
SH: It started with snooping around my big brother's room. He had tons of adult magazines and DVDs. I got my first phone when I was a third year student in middle school and I went right to the porn sites. I stumbled upon sites where people can send in their own pictures and had a eureka moment!


AS: Are you saying you sent in your pictures?
SH: I did, I did! It really interested me so I did it! It started with a cleavage shot and grew from their. I had a lot of fans…

Saki Hatsumi's naked and naughty selfies probably didn't look this good.


AS: This sounds like a precursor to you becoming the Saki Hatsumi of today.
SH: Perhaps. I loved showing myself off. The more skin I sent in, the happier I became. By the end, I was sending in totally naked pics. I didn't feel any risk because this was totally on the internet so I'd never meet these people.


AS: Everything? We're talking pubic hair, too?
SH: You bet. I had my phone on a self-timer and shot some spread eagle shots as well.


AS: Did doing that make you feel perverted?
SH: Totally, but it also felt real nice to do something naughty like that without incurring the wrath of an angry adult. I also was reading the blogs of AV stars and these two tidbits of the internet spurned my interest into becoming a full-fledged AV star.


See KÜHN's music video for PLATONIC LOVE here:


To be concluded


(Translator's note: we don't know much about idol music. That whole industry is one big question mark to us, but does KÜHN stand a chance at denting the extreme success of the mainstream Japanese idol machine? Who knows, but let's wish them the best!)

(Translator's note 2:  That's all folks!  KÜHN's done as of October 9th 2015.  They had their final show and the women are returning to focusing on AV.)

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