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The Asagei Saki Hatsumi Interview Part Two

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: March 24th, 2015
English Translation Published: October 14th, 2015

Saki Hatsumi now in her sixth year of doing Japanese AV also is pushing hard with an idol music career alongside fellow actresses.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Asagei: Still, giving everyone those free pictures of you totally naked was a bit overkill, yea?

Saki Hatsumi: Yea...even a scout told me that when he approached me about doing AV. I believe his words were, “You're still barely of age and even showing your breasts for free would be too much.”


AS: I can't tell if that was or was not a compliment. Well, at least it's a good thing you didn't put up any videos or pictures of you and your boyfriend having sex.

SH: Oh, I forgot to mention it, but I was still a virgin back then. I was living in the boondocks so there were very few places to visit and I was also very busy with school. Then I was going to an all girls high school so my boyfriend prospects were not so great…


AS: Doing what you did as a real virgin schoolgirl took some guts.

SH: Oh yea, it sure did. I finally had sex after graduating.


AS: How was the wait? Was it worth it?

SH: He was a weird guy who was always working and all the times we did it was in his car.


AS: So you're telling me your first time was in a car?

SH: Yea! We barely even dated. It was more about meeting up and screwing in the car and nothing more.


AS: What about showering?

SH: What showering? We kissed and he threw on a condom and went to town.


Surely post-virginity Saki Hatsumi


AS: That's it? He was 'dating' a pervert like yourself and that's all you ever did?

SH: Yea. I had other partners after including a real virgin who was a few years older than me.


AS: Oh, so the guy after car sex boyfriend never had sex?

SH: He wasn't alone. It was my first time having sex on an actual bed! Nevertheless, I was the leader and had to give him an intimate crash course on the female anatomy and foreplay. I remember sitting with my legs up and spread and showing him where my vagina was.


AS: Wow, that sounds really erotic! Thinking about you stark naked in that position while giving a 'lesson'…

SH: It wasn't my intent!


(Translator's note: It seems a trend in AV stars that many were introverted in school, but also highly interested in sexuality. Erika Momotani (who suddenly and mysteriously retired) seemed to be the only one who was already Ms. Popular before deciding to shed her clothing and modesty in front of the camera.)

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