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Japanese AV Actors: Then and Now Part Five

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 2nd, 2016

Two prominent actors from the Japanese AV industry share their experiences about breaking into the biz and the key to success.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: I think one's sexual technique plays a role in the atmosphere of the set. A good technique may make everyone happy, whereas bad technique may lead to disaster. Do you agree?

Tsujimaru: I used to know an actor who had a mood-lifting sex position he'd whip out when things were dire, but we mainly just stuck to the basics. We had to use our heads though for some actresses who just were down in the gutter from the get-go. This went double for productions that actually didn't involve any real intercourse. The AV stars of today are way more gung-ho about putting on a good show so there's less worry about the potential mood swings of the linchpin member of the set. What's more, most can squirt now and that always makes everyone cheerful. Probably the most important thing to consider while shooting is less how we feel and more about making a good impression for our fans.

Carlos: That's right. I'm in the same mindset when it comes to ensuring whatever we do is first and foremost for the delight of our fans. The last thing we want is for them grow tired of our work. In fact, that's a good portion of what it takes to be a good AV actor: keeping the environment lively especially when the cameras are rolling. Following the same dull routine with every single actress leads to boredom both on the set and with fans who may fast-forward straight to the conclusion. Directors may provide the setting, but once sex starts, it's mainly up to the actor working alongside the actress and following how she responds. We end up being the prime decision makers.

MC: Is ejaculation control one of the things all actors need down solid?

CA: That depends mainly on who I'll be paired up with for the day. Sometimes I'm with women who I simply cannot cum to and other times I'll be with an actress who's a master at coitus.

Ejaculating upon command is an important trait for actors...but how long can one endure this?

MC: Is this common for most actors?

CA: I think so, yea. Men are men and things like this sometimes happen. However, the environment on set is also a factor. If the actress responds really well, it's also a boon for our self-esteem. The best is when a sex scene can be shot without any cuts.

TM: For sure. The director used to have more say in how the actual sex portions were being filmed. He'd often use hand signals that we'd need to spot and that was our cue to change positions. What's more, a lot of what we did was not true insertions so there were way more cuts. It was no big deal to us because editing could make it look complete without any actual cuts. The actresses who were fine with actual sex were pretty much down with anything and they could be great help when an actor was having a down day. If he required some special technique to make him rock hard, she'd happily oblige. Agencies were also rather quiet and didn't make a fuss when unscheduled actions like that took place on the set.

CA: That's pretty cool. Nowadays the director sometimes acts as the middleman between actor and actress when an issue like that—a down day—occurs. She still may help out, but sometimes it's not as direct.

TM: Many actresses now also think that men can naturally get hard without much fuss. I know some get annoyed that the actress doesn't blow him off camera to make him hard before shooting begins. Erections can be thought of as a natural phenomenon, but there is a switch even actors need. Not all of us can get hard and maintain it all the time and every time. It's just like how not all women are able to squirt. And then there are some who can squirt only some of the time—when the right buttons are pressed.

I mean I don't mean this as a complaint or anything like that in regards to today's AV actresses. If anything, they're way more business-like than the ones of the past. Some may be a bore when the camera's off, but when it's rolling, they're shifted over to a very welcome outgoing personality. This best describes professional Japanese AV stars who can maintain separate on- and off-camera demeanors. Of course with increased professionalism comes more fuss as to whom one wants to work with. This is another reason why actors always need to try hard to keep on improving themselves. The mantra that everyone is human isn't as effective nowadays since the industry has become significantly more mainstream.


To be continued...


Interview conducted by Miho Fumizuki
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(Translator's note: it's interesting to see that size, stiffness, and 'output' aren't the chief concerns for a successful AV actor. Who knew charisma and likeability would rank so high?)

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