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Japanese AV Actors: Then and Now Part Six

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 4th, 2016

Two prominent actors from the Japanese AV industry share their experiences about breaking into the biz and the key to success.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: I also heard another reason why there are less new actors in Japanese AV now is due to the lower pay. Wasn't it the case that back in the 90's when nanpa titles first became popular, amateur actors were being paid between 50,000 and 100,000 yen to essentially improve their pickup skills followed by having sex on camera?

Tsujimaru: 50,000 yen was pretty much the starting pay for actors back then. I hear now new faces if they're lucky can receive 30,000 yen—and that's after a bit of negotiation. Some of the shooting was longer though. Sometimes all men need to do is film a sex scene and then they can leave early whereas ages ago they'd be required to stay on set filming many scenes from morning to night. Personally I started around 30,000 yen and over a 5 or 6 years I moved up to making around 50,000 yen. The only downside was with a base price set that high, I stopped receiving offers from certain production companies.


A senzuri gig like this does not pay that much.

MC: That probably makes sense since actors usually aren't the thing fans are on the lookout for.

CA: Yea, that's how it is now. The tradeoff is a higher fee equates to less work, but more pay whereas working for less means there are more opportunities for exposure. With that said, a busy month for me is 15 days which comes out to 2 or 3 gigs a week. Some days I may even be on two sets instead of only one. With this type of activity, I'm not poor but I'm not rich either. I've enough to make do and save a little on the side. One half-day set may net me 20,000 yen so if I have two gigs on one day, that's 40,000 yen which isn't that bad.

TM: The pay for actors is that low now?

CA: It's even lower for newer actors. I know some who are only paid 10,000 yen for full-on sex.

TM: Yea, well, it's also the same for actresses. Then again titles from ages ago were nowhere near complex and the women in them did not have the brightest heads on their shoulders. Now the focus is still mainly on actresses with actors really being something of a secondary consideration. For example, you don't need a highly skilled actor for a handjob production.

MC: By the way, how is the pay for actors decided?

CA: Usually it's the director or producer. They'll decide what to pay depending on the actor and what they're looking for.


To be continued...


Interview conducted by Miho Fumizuki
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(Translator's note: it looks like the pay once upon a time for actors is equal to what the top names get today. Will future actors achieve the same rates? Probably not unless they become really well known. It's not the most friendly business for men although it's certainly one of the most pleasurable ones.)

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