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Japanese AV Actors: Then and Now Part Seven

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 9th, 2016

Two prominent actors from the Japanese AV industry share their experiences about breaking into the biz and the key to success.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: What if you want more?

Carlos: You'd tell them. During negotiations I may say that I'd like X yen for example and if the production has room for it, I may end up receiving it. However, asking too high too often can result in less work so it's a difficult situation. Sometimes what I think is a good rate may not be what the other side has in mind. They have to be sure the title will sell enough to warrant the pay they send our way.

Tsujimaru: I think it's easier now since there are less places to shoot and less actors making both—especially the latter—a scarce resource. Production companies may frequently be on the lookout for new male talent, but there's never enough viable candidates which brings back the reliability factor that most current actors have. This again is another hurdle prospective AV actors need to smoothly ascend.

Carlos: The pay can be really bad. Sometimes it's barely even train fare. What's more, there is no pay if you can't cum let alone get hard and even if you can do both, you're out of money if you forget your medical papers. I've seen this happen too many times to count. I started out doing bukkake and then moved up to receiving handjobs, fellatio, titjobs, and finally started getting offers for sex. However, the first productions I was in that had sex saw me not as a giver of it, but simply a third wheel. You know, the guy that may grope the woman's breasts while holding her up as she and the main actor do their thing. I felt a ton of pressure and was barely able to get an erection. This was not a good situation. You'd think the actresses are the one to stress out, not the actors and the director did not find this amusing at all.

Tsujimaru: Is that so? I think the pay actors receive is a lot up to fate and good timing. Some actors work really well in this trade whereas others consistently flunk out and find less and less rewarding work. They essentially spiral downward from sex down to bukkake facing criticism all the way. The best thing for an actor is to appear in titles with very famous names. If you work well with her, you'll get even more exposure and find more work.


Sometimes actors need to start with giving pleasure without actually receiving it

MC: Do you agree that actors are thought of as the pinnacle of male sex prowess?

CA: I wouldn't say so. Actors are just another example the human element AV needs. We're more than just erections however. Good titles need us there to communicate well along with putting on a good show. Conversely, we could be so-so during sex, but if we are charming and affable, both staff and the actress may like us leading to more and more work.

MC: So actors who do wonders for the atmosphere on set are the most in demand?

CA: Right! The best to happen is hearing good reviews from the actress. If she really enjoyed your company, then you'll probably be getting more work.


To be concluded...


Interview conducted by Miho Fumizuki
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(Translator's note: yes, if your dream is to have sex with an AV star, you'll need to travel through many obstacles first. Carlos doesn't mention that new actors may also need to take part in productions that feature 'bathroom' scenes as well. There's a lot of traveling and struggling one needs to achieve true stardom as an AV actor.)

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