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Japanese AV Actors: Then and Now Part Eight

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 11th, 2016

Two prominent actors from the Japanese AV industry share their experiences about breaking into the biz and the key to success.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: As actors age, are there less opportunities for them?

Tsujimaru: I started to have big issues getting 'it' up after I passed 40. I still stayed in the acting game, but less as the gentleman who does the deed and more in a support role. This isn't a bad thing now since there are more titles out that aren't solely about two people having sex.

MC: Yea, there are many more genres in AV now.

TM: That's correct. Where they used to be nothing but hardcore sex titles, there now are many more genres and production companies that focus solely on them. You've bondage companies, makers who mainly focus on anal play, and then many titles from various production companies are about lewd word play. Because of that actors can remain on the scene much longer even after physically topping out.

MC: What are some reasons actors don't make it?

CA: Most simply have difficulties subscribing fully to the lifestyle. Others don't receive enough work. Then sometimes when work does come their way, it's not the type of acting they had in mind. This sometimes includes me. I want to continue, but there are times when I doubt I would be able to.

MC: Is there something you want to do as an actor? Some dream or aspiration?

CA: Well, I love being on set. Everyone there is there because they enjoy making AV. It's a really good atmosphere that I hope to be part of as much as possible.

MC: The more I hear, the more it sounds like Carlos is a good example of an AV actor of the present era. What do you think, Tsujimaru-san?

TM: The one thing I'm most surprised about is how little actors are being paid for their work now. I guess it's just a sign of the times so it can't be helped though. The best thing one can do is try their hardest!

A future where actors are not needed?  POV sex with a virtual dick.

MC: What do you hope happens to actors from here on out?

TM: The era of the internet has arrived so you'll see more prominence with uncensored titles and I hope actors who star in them are treated just as fairly. Also I know this may sound like a joke, but with the continuous improvements in technology, I worry that there's a chance that the roles of actors will become meaningless. CGI and virtual reality can take our place. Users could theoretically insert themselves into the title or at the very least select an avatar of an actor. Already a common theme with some production companies is putting the user in the driver's seat. With that sometimes comes trivial complaints like not liking the tattoos of one actor or complaining about how another one talks too much. Personally I'd like to see a return to the simulated sex of old. There's something very erotic about hinting at actual sex without actually and explicitly showing it.

CA: I hope more and more men out there see our work and become interested in becoming actors themselves. They don't have to consider us handsome, but simply understand what we put into our work and hopefully being an AV actor becomes something one can proudly boast about.

MC: Any messages for hopeful AV actors?

CA: Well, my friends back home think I'm rolling in dough and screwing hot girls all the time which is very far from the truth. I struggle just as much as they do. However, I love what I do and plan to keep it up and on that note, I hope more men attempt to enter this industry to see how they fare!

TM: There's less you can do as you age, but there's still things worth doing as an actor even with less pay. Being an AV actor was actually one of the earliest ways for men to get on the small screen and it still is a viable route today. It is a fun and interesting job. It does require some talent, but many of the skills you'll pickup the longer you stay in the game. Actors then and now take part in events and the like that go beyond simply starring in titles so it's a worthwhile career to consider.

These two Japanese AV actors came from different generations but it seems like their thoughts on the field are actually very similar! Entering the industry may be tough as a male, but once you do find a modicum of success, one's dreams are near limitless. What's more, actors maintain a wealth of romantic knowledge via their time on sets. To see more variety with actors, consider supporting the new faces and things may change—or consider becoming one yourself!

Interview conducted by Miho Fumizuki
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(Translator's note: CGI actors may be a long way out given the shoestring budgets most AV production companies have. Even virtual reality titles are not something you'll see soon. Filming for VR requires totally different lighting and camerawork which most older directors probably have little to no interest in learning.)

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