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Yui Hatano Interview Part One

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: September 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: September 30th, 2015

An interview with famous Japanese AV star Yui Hatano about her successful adult video career and her rising international fame.

Yui Hatano is a famous Japanese AV star with a career currently spanning 7 years who has appeared in productions of various themes and genres. She's also famous outside of Japan. Let's now have a chat with her!


Men's V: I hear you have international recognition now.
Yui Hatano: I've done events in Taiwan and a few movies as well.

MV: A movie?! I heard you had a leading part. Do you think you could do that again in Japan?
YH: Have no worries. I love AV and don't plan to stop doing it. It may be work, but it's really fun. With that said, I view my adult video work to be my vocation and anything else to be simply supplementary. Lin Chi-Ling is a Taiwanese model and actress whom I'm said to resemble. Perhaps that's why I became so popular there. I find it kind of strange since I really don't think I look like her at all.

MV: May you tell us how you debuted in AV?
YH: Well, I first wanted to be a gravure idol. However, after talking with some people in the industry, I found out there were a ton of women wanting to do the same. If I took that route, I may have been buried amongst them and not have been very successful. Fortunately this was already in the era when it wasn't rare to see AV stars on variety TV so I felt taking that route would be a better option. However, the very first time I had sex on set was a pretty trying experience!


Yui Hatano in her birthday suit

MV: Have you always loved sex?
YH: I love thinking about sex. Even back a long time, I was always daydreaming about it. I guess I've always been kind of perverted. If anything, my yearnings for it have only increased the longer I've been in this industry. I really love being an AV star.

MV: By the way, when was your first time?
YH: I was 16 and he was in his forties. We met through one of those online anonymous hookup sites. It started with a bunch of email exchanges before we finally decided to meet. He was big...too big, really. My first time hurt and I didn't get any pleasure out of it.



To be concluded


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(Translator's note: we love Yui Hatano as much as anyone else, but who here reading this thinks her acting role was awarded to her more because the director had money and an infatuation with the adult video star and less because of her acting chops?)

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