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Shigeo Tokuda, the Oldest Man in Japanese AV Part One

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: September 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: July 6th, 2016

Shigeo Tokuda is the oldest Japanese actor in the industry who still is working at pushing out more than 400 titles in his career spanning two decades.

Shigeo Tokuda is an 81 year-old Japanese AV actor who has appeared in over 350 titles. His most famous claim to fame is the starring role in the 'Forbidden Caretaker' series by Glory Quest.


Men's V: At 81 years of age, you were around during WW2. Do you have any recollection of that period?
Shigeo Tokuda: Yes, I just started elementary school when the war broke out. All of our upbringing back then was very serious.

MV: You certainly came from an interesting background. How do you like your current gig as an AV actor?
ST: I started doing AV while also working at a travel agency. Because of that, I had the opportunity to frequently lodge in hotels and ryokans which also gave me time to view a lot of adult video titles. I discovered the FA Pro AV production company which really piqued my interest.

MV: Did you have your debut with FA Pro?
ST: I wasn't really keen on starring in AV at first. However, I did get a chance to visit a set and they really wanted me in one. At first, I was reluctant and afraid people I know may see me in them, but they were insistent and I eventually relented. I was afraid about that and it turned out I was half-right to be so.


Shigeo Tokuda doing what he does bet!

MV: May you tell us about your debut?
ST: It was a drama title. In spite of there being a lower than usual number of staff present, I was very nervous. The theme was enjokousai. I was the CEO of some company and ordered a schoolgirl to entertain me in a hotel room. This wasn't recent though. My debut was over 20 years ago.

MV: Enjokousai was pretty big back then. I know by now you've been with many, many women, but amongst them is there a certain type that you're very attracted to?
ST: If we're talking age, then women who are in their 40's are what I prefer the most. In terms of body type, a bit on the voluptuous side is best and that includes a big butt. I prefer them to have young-women-next-door looks.


To be concluded


(Translator's note: it's hard to comprehend how much a guy like Shigeo Tokuda has seen in his life. It's also even crazier to imagine how lucky he is to be doing what he's doing! Actors usually don't have the best treatment in AV though in his case he may be pampered as much as an AV star. He's as lucky as they come if your dream is to have sex with a nonstop revolving door of Japanese AV stars while being filmed.)

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