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Japanese AV Actor Christian Eugenio-Gomez Interview Part One

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: October 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: October 19th, 2015

Christian Eugenio-Gomez is a former professional boxer in Japan and now a current AV actor exclusively signed to the PLUM production company.

Christian Eugenio-Gomez is the first foreign Japanese AV actor who has a colorful history that involves boxing and more. Our resident good-for-nothing interviewer Michio Nakaore finds time to have a chat with him!


Men's V: You did some professional boxing in Japan before becoming an AV actor. Can you expand a bit on that?
Eugene Gomez: I first arrived in Japan in 1998. I didn't have much to do so I decided it was best if I got into shape. That saw me enter a boxing gym which ended up working out really well for me. Soon enough, I made my Japanese boxing debut.


MV: You certainly look like a boxer. What made you switch gears and become an AV actor?
EG: I didn't start acting right away. First I retired from boxing and took a breather. A friend of mine asked if I was interested in doing AV. I thought he was joking!  Anyway, I had the chance to visit a set and what the actors were doing looked easy. They were doing something that I can do, but only better!


A picture that will SURELY make a lot of foreign men jealous.


MV: That was a fast change of heart. Did you encounter any resistance?
EG: I've always been kinda crazy and my interests have been just as scatterbrained. I was like that with boxing so I decided to give the AV gig a try as well and see how it turned out. I guess another thing that made me quick to decide on becoming an AV actor was that I just finished getting a divorce. Now that I was a single guy, this seemed like a really good opportunity. As for any resistance, nope not really. Nobody tried to stop me and I entered the biz by my own free will.

MV: How was the feedback you received after your first acting gig?
EG: Having a good communication vibe with the actress is paramount to good shoot so I always try to meet them beforehand at a cafe or somewhere just to talk. That makes the actual shoot really easy to do. Things go a lot smoother then. It also makes the sex a lot more enjoyable.

MV: From a male standpoint, what you do makes me very jealous. Are there ever any issues?
EG: Well, I've only been doing this for just over a year so I'm still wet behind the ears. It's nowhere as easy as it looks! The most difficult thing for me is the language barrier of course. Fortunately, I get some help in regards to that from the staff on set. The actress I work with for each shoot also helps. I learn a thing or two from her as well…

To be concluded


Interview conducted by Michio Nakaore, our resident subculture and Japanese AV interviewer. He's the result of touching himself too often when alone and now he's a bona fied herbivorous man who can barely get it up. He's horrible at all things sexual and when it happens, it's over way too soon. He's 30 and it's safe to say he'll be flirting with virginity awhile yet.


(Translator's note: Christian Eugenio-Gomez has a very unique history. We're sure some folk reading this don't have much love for the foreign male and Japanese female AV genre, but he puts on a great show. You can see the full list of his titles at PLUM's official site (which by standards Japanese AND international has a fantastic design!) and they all include embedded video previews)

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