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Japanese AV Actor Christian Eugenio-Gomez Interview Part Two

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: October 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: October 21st, 2015

Christian Eugenio-Gomez is a former professional boxer in Japan and now a current AV actor exclusively signed to the PLUM production company.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Men's V: You currently have an exclusive contract with PLUM. Before signing it, did you even see a Japanese AV title?
Eugene Gomez: No, but I never had any reservations about starring in one!

MV: Ever get called out on the streets?
EG: Sometimes. But those are mainly fans of me when I used to box professionally. Of course anytime someone calls me out for my AV acting career, I'm all smiles and always sign whatever and shake hands.

MV: What type of fun do you have in private?
EG: I go to bars and clubs and if I see a cute girl, I talk to her. I'm totally single now though and it's a good feeling being independent and all. Now if I do click with a girl, we may hang out later...I guess you can call that nanpa.

MV: You sound very content with life! I take it you don't visit brothels much?
EG: I haven't ever been to one. However, I'd love to check one out! It sounds like a real exciting experience and since I am single, it may be worth visiting one sometime. I hear the brothels here have tons of variety so please refer me to one sometime.


Gomez going at it with a thicker Japanese amateur brought to you by PLUM.

MV: OK. What are your plans from here on out?
EG: Well, I do the AV acting now, but I'm always open for new and fun challenges. I had fun boxing and loved getting in shape. I don't think I'll give any of that up. I just do what I feel is best and go with that.

MV: Any last messages for our readers? I'm sure some have aspirations of becoming an AV actor.
EG: Life's short so don't hide your feelings. When the time calls for you to be frank, then let it all out. If you want to try acting in AV, then try it! There's tons of ways you can express yourself on camera in this industry and there are lots of eager women…

Interview conducted by Michio Nakaore, our resident subculture and Japanese AV interviewer. He's the result of touching himself too often when alone and now he's a bona fied herbivorous man who can barely get it up. He's horrible at all things sexual and when it happens, it's over way too soon. He's 30 and it's safe to say he'll be flirting with virginity awhile yet.


(Translator's note: it's very rare—almost unheard of, really—for an AV actor to have an exclusive contract. Hell, even having a contract for more than one title at a time is almost unheard of unless you're a top-seller in the SILK LABO stable. Granted, Mr. Gomez probably is not receiving anywhere near the same pay as the women he has sex with, but it's still probably above average for an actor and thanks to his exclusive contract, consistent.)

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  • Goodbye Kitty said:

    Most interesting. I've noticed there's many AV titles with African-American actors, but few (or any?) with Caucasian males.

    October 22nd, 2015 - Reply

      • My Dearest Desire replied (October 25th, 2015):
      • A lot of the actors are not African-American, but African. Most often Nigerian. Many are already in Japan and have either a spouse visa or PR which makes hiring them relatively safe. Most likely Mr. Gomez also has a PR given his decade+ residence in Japan so he's in the same boat.


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