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Ayu Sakurai Interview Part Five

XCity - Original Japanese Date: September 14th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 9th, 2015

Ayu Sakurai is an outgoing Japanese AV star who crashed into the industry with guns blazing and has been churning out titles nonstop for almost 3 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

XCity: What kind of actress would you like to become?
Ayu Sakurai: A famous one. Well, I want to be famous. I'm not sure what type of actress I'd like to be. Ayu Sakurai the AV star can easily play a young wife or even a naive schoolgirl. I hope I can still be as versatile in my roles on the mainstream stage. Who I really am and Ayu Sakurai are actually pretty much the same. I don't hold back with my emotions and separate my actual self with my AV persona.

XC: So you have no 'switch' that turns on when the camera is rolling?
AS: That's right. The camera's always on for me. I may take on different roles and fulfill various role play requirements, but my unabashed self is always shining through.

XC: Have you been with many men?
AS: Nope. I've only had 8 partners in private. My first time having sex was when I was a high school freshman. It was with my first ever boyfriend. Thinking back on it now, I'm a really bad partner in private. I'm pretty much a dead fish and would be poor affair material. However, I think even when I started AV the reason I was not thought of as a real amateur was because I was so outgoing with people. This is probably because I spent a lot of time working as a kyabakura hostess.


Has only been with 8 men in private???

XC: And you do a great job of it, don't you think?
AS: Maybe? Even when I just started working in brothels, the last thing I wanted to do was be like everyone else. One of the unique things about the brothel was that we'd be visible to the customers while we waited (Translator's note: think the line-ups made famous in brothels in Thailand). I had to devise a way to be noticed since there was so much competition. My idea was instead of showing interest in him like everyone else, I'd look away. If a customer noticed, he may be annoyed and ask me to look at him...which I'd do just for a moment before looking away again. That, if anything, really got their attention.

XC: I'm sure that worked!
AS: Well, it made for a bad first impression, but if he became a repeat customer to the shop, my popularity with him would grow really quickly.

XC: That's a good way to get yourself known.
AS: Yea, I think so. That was my mindset anyway when I worked at a brothel and I carried it over to my AV debut. I noticed most fresh faces in AV always had the same confused face after being cummed on and that was something I strongly wanted to avoid. In fact, I went the opposite and full-on confrontational to the actor after receiving a surprise facial. He was extremely flustered! He went into the studio thinking I'd be a total amateur and then the tables were turned. I finished the scene with cum still on my face smiling and giving the peace sign.


To be continued


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Interview by XCity and Miho Fumizuki

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