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Ayu Sakurai Interview Part Seven

XCity - Original Japanese Date: September 14th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 14th, 2015

Ayu Sakurai is an outgoing Japanese AV star who crashed into the industry with guns blazing and has been churning out titles nonstop for almost 3 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


XCity: That really is a popular series, but it's pretty crazy for having that be your inaugural title after signing with the Million Girls. What did you think about when you heard what it entailed?
Ayu Sakurai: I didn't know anything at first about it. When I asked about it during the day of the shoot, they just told me it'd be a great way to debut with the label. That simple answer I took to heart at the time which I shouldn't of since the actual production was seriously intense and I ended up not liking it much. The title had me basically being teased to orgasm-after-orgasm for hours!


XC: Yea, that's pretty unprecedented.
AS: Everything was different this time. I'm usually the one who does the teasing, but this title had me receiving irrumatio. I had the last laugh though because as he was shoving himself in my mouth, I gave him a reach-around right into the anus.


XC: Was it that trying of a shoot?
AS: It was total war. There even was a foursome with me being the center of attention. That portion had me with my butt up in the air trying to squirt all over the actors, but because of the angle all my juice landed on me instead.

XC: What a foursome!
AS: Oh yea it definitely was and it almost got me though I pushed through and managed to stay in till the very end.


XC: Any type of sexual play you'd like to try in the future?
AS: Honestly, not really. I've pretty much left my options up to the studios and I think I've been given a taste of it all. However, some of the brains who think up production ideas can be extremely perverted so you never know.

Ayu Sakurai is no stranger even to lesbian play!


XC: It sounds like you're challenging them to devise something nasty for you.
AS: I wouldn't say that. They know these types of make-me-cum titles don't work well for me. I always end up crying in them so I don't want to do any more. Besides, if I look like I'm serious peril, my fans my worry about my well-being. What's more, they're all great people and I love them very much. They want me in control and would rather see me with a rage face then a tear-streaked one.


XC: All these hard productions are giving you the acting chops needed to take on actual mainstream drama titles. Is there anything in particular you'd like to star in?
AS: There's many types I'd love to star in. If I had to narrow it down, I'd love to be given any role that's for a strong woman-type. I'd love to surprise people also by doing something unexpected. Perhaps a type of performance I'm known not to give…


XC: It won't be long until you're retired from Japanese AV. What else would you like to do with your scant remaining time?
AS: There's two things: I'd like to continue living up to the reputation of Ayu Sakurai and I'd love to leave a lasting impact. Another thing is ensuring my fans know how much I respect them and am thankful for their continued support. So with that said, I'll try to do as many events and photography club shoots as possible. I've been giving it my all as a Japanese AV star and don't plan to half-ass my final months when I'm this close to the top!


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Interview by XCity and Miho Fumizuki

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