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HAISETSU Studio Report Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: November 11th, 2015
English Translation Published: November 11th, 2015

ZENRA was invited to visit an active set where the HAISETSU Japanese AV production company was filming a new release with an amateur in a schoolgirl uniform.

Recently, ZENRA was invited to an active set at HAISETSU's Saitama studio.  For those unfamiliar with this increasingly popular independent Japanese AV production company, we recommend spending a short while to peruse our exclusive interview with them from earlier this year.

HAISETSU's output consists of using pretty much pure amateurs.  Once in awhile 'talent' with prior adult video experience graces their studio and titles, but most talent has never done anything remotely adult—including working in Japan's bustling night industry—before taking a chance with them.  This means most women you see in their releases are not faking a thing!  When they say they're embarrassed, they mean it.

The shoot we were fortunate to view was with a brand new model going by the name KEIKO.  She's a 22 year-old student who actually lives in the same area as the HAISETSU studio making her trip quick and painless.

KEIKO was wearing a slightly oversized schoolgirl uniform when we arrived (slightly late unfortunately as we goofed by getting off at one bus stop too early!).  According to HAISETSU's director, they finished up a scene for an upcoming Pee Desperation title and were taking a breather before filming the next scene.

HAISETSU originally focused solely on excretion titles before branching out to urination and farting and recently they've also been producing 'parts' titles too.  These titles, as the brief genre name imply, are focused very intimately at various body parts and are almost, but not quite, non-sexual in nature.

After the pee scene, KEIKO was ushered upstairs to a brightly lit room.  There, still in the borrowed schoolgirl uniform, she was instructed to sit on a chair as the cameraman adjusted the hefty HD camera to focus on her face...and her mouth.

KEIKO was now prepped and ready for her 'teeth' segment.  Yes, teeth.  And we don't mean that even in a slightly prurient way.  HAISETSU's new director has a fetish for oral care and the his time with KEIKO was filming an interview all about how she cares for the bones in her mouth.  Thus, in order to increase visibility to levels near unnatural, the bulk of her interview was with a cheek retractor in place.

The director of the teeth portion of KEIKO's day with HAISETSU was incredibly kind and professional.  He also moved at a lighting pace with very little in terms of retakes.  Mind you, the goal is to keep the atmosphere thick with embarrassment.  If the model becomes too comfortable, she may be a smoother talker and fidget less, but it'd take away from the 'real amateur' element of these types of productions.

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