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HAISETSU Studio Report Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: November 13th, 2015
English Translation Published: November 13th, 2015

ZENRA was invited to visit an active set where the HAISETSU Japanese AV production company was filming a new release with an amateur in a schoolgirl uniform.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Once teeth were done, KEIKO was escorted downstairs for some farting.  The secrets to how the amateur Japanese women who appear in HAISETSU titles can fart so much is a trade secret.  We were there and thankfully got to see preparations in action, but are unable to divulge any more than that.  Let's just say things were slow going at first due to a mental flatulence block many women seem to have, but once comfort set in, KEIKO let them rip without much respite.

Farting continued with KEIKO in schoolgirl attire.  Here, she gradually removed clothing during each take leaving her bottomless by the end.  The director had her squatting up and down while passing gas before instructing her to collapse from exhaustion at the end leaving her prone on the floor with naturally tan butt fully exposed.  The view was spectacular and there was no mosaic!

The last scene of the day was going to be a scat scene.  Yes, 'WAS' going to be a scat scene.  KEIKO was going to wear a kimono (actually, she already had it on when…) and provide an instructional on how to defecate into a traditional Japanese squat toilet while dressed in traditional clothes.  Sadly her nerves got the best of her and she elected not to film the scene's grand finale.

According to the director, this happens once in awhile; sometimes amateurs show some levels of nervousness during the shoot and may suddenly backtrack on what they're comfortable with doing.  KEIKO had her limits and they were reached.

In situations like this, the pay to the model was reduced since she didn't fulfill all requirements and for a company that mainly focuses on scat scenes, skipping the filming of one means a severe reduction in the amount of the model receives.  Please note that the prices per scene are all clearly explained to the model.  In HAISETSU's case, they have a very clear chart that is provided to each model showing what they make per 'act'.  There was no deception at all from HAISETSU's side and KEIKO was paid fairly then and there.

We were invited to visit the HAISETSU studio again and will do so next spring!  Hopefully, the model we will meet then will go through all requested scenes and hopefully we will arrive on time so we can witness it all!

What's more, HAISETSU is actively looking for foreign amateur talent!  If you're a woman over 18 and live in the Tokyo area OR will be visiting sometime, please contact us right away.  You do NOT need to have supermodel looks!  Rather, the girl-next-door is what's desired.  The pay is solid and a light mosaic* can be applied to your face to shield your identity.  The mosaic will be thick enough to make it hard to tell who you are, but will be thin enough that viewers can tell it really is a foreign person.  HAISETSU productions are all softcore.  Aside from a rare solo masturbation series, they only produce solo titles focusing on farting, pooping, peeing, and body parts.  What's more, there is always a friendly female staff on set (Hi Y----!) so please feel at ease.

*Adding facial mosaic may lead to lower pay since it takes time and money to apply it.

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