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Being Caught – A Guide for Prospective AV Stars Part One

Harrows Entertainment - Original Japanese Date: November 3rd, 2015
English Translation Published: July 20th, 2016

Japanese AV agency HARROWS ENTERTAINMENT has a writeup on their site about how to avoid being caught as an AV star which now features an English translation.

If you're worried about being caught…

The fact is occasionally AV stars are 'seen' in public.  This can be in the form of their faces on magazines in convenience stores or on covers of videos.  They can have their faces adorned on advertisements, on erotic TV shows, and of course there's the internet.  Having your career as an AV star becoming known amongst friends and families is by far the biggest worry any prospective actress has and there ways to keep the risk of this happening relatively low.

When most people think of having a career in AV, they first conjure up images of award-winning AV stars.  After all, the paths of these types of women are indeed the most visible and easy to follow.  The more popular they become, the easier it is for them to be discovered by unwanted parties.

However, along with being a full-fledged AV star, there are other options available for women who want to do adult video, but would rather stick to job opportunities with a very low risk of being caught.  For these women, we recommend working as a 'kikaku model'--or 'planning model'.

Currently, around 5,000 to 6,000 titles a month are produced in the adult industry (Translator's note:  the real number is high, but it's not THAT high (unless they're counting by scenes).  This is an agency's site so they are blurring numbers somewhat to make prospective models feel at ease).  Many of these titles are sold throughout the country, but only in small sale and rental stores.  What's more, it's not like each of these stories stocks all 6,000 titles each month.  Most likely the number is way less with a few dozen new releases at most making the chance of one of them being your title very, very slim.

If you elect to become a 'planning model', you will be in productions with multiple women.  Thus even if your face ends up going up on the cover of a title, it would probably not be front and center since you'll be sharing important package real estate with other women.

To be continued...

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