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Being Caught – A Guide for Prospective AV Stars Part Two

Harrows Entertainment - Original Japanese Date: November 3rd, 2015
English Translation Published: July 27th, 2016

Japanese AV agency HARROWS ENTERTAINMENT has a writeup on their site about how to avoid being caught as an AV star which now features an English translation.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

For example…

Let's say you just film one title a month.  That's one title out of over 5,000!  Most stores stock way less than that and then you have to figure the chances of someone you know going to one of these stores and picking out that title and actually watching it from start to finish… get the picture.  The chances of him spotting you are near zero.  Even in that rare chance you and him meet through the TV screen, he may just think it's a professional that simply resembles you.  After all, all these productions make use of professional makeup and lighting.  He could theoretically visit the production company's website, but information about 'planning models' is usually sparse and real names are never ever mentioned.  You have almost zero chances of having people you know in real life finding out about your secret adult video career.

What's more, the type of amateur women in videos that make use of 'planning models' are rarely—if ever—promoted individually.  These titles are always done by showcasing everything as a whole so there's not much to worry about.  Promotion for these types of titles would be minimal and you definitely will not see them in any of those weekly tabloid magazines (from our experience, the only consistent Japanese AV production company that advertises in these magazines is FA PRO which makes a lot of drama titles with archaic themes targeted at old men).

However, please take note that the more you appear in titles, the risk of being caught increases.  With that in mind, it's wise to have both a performance and monetary objective for your career.  Consider setting one and then retiring after you achieve it.  Alternatively, you can continue working regularly in the industry, but only keeping yourself active with just one title a month as another way to keep your career long, but covert.

We know of AV stars who have done over 150 titles and have not been caught and from our experience, the risk of being discovered rises dramatically after you star in about 50 or 60 titles.  Older titles and also titles that don't sell well are frequently destroyed to make room for new stock.  Thus, that's another plus for stealthily working in the adult industry.  A title is old news in the rental and sales circuit after half a year and even shorter when it comes to magazine publications.

You always have the option of starring in maniac titles as well.  We're talking the types of productions that don't meet the popularity requirements for rental.  Your chances of being spotted in these types of productions is even lower.  We're here to support you with your adult video career decisions and we'll be at your side even if the worst does happen.  Please feel at ease!

To be continued...

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