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Being Caught – A Guide for Prospective AV Stars Part Three

Harrows Entertainment - Original Japanese Date: November 3rd, 2015
English Translation Published: August 3rd, 2016

Japanese AV agency HARROWS ENTERTAINMENT has a writeup on their site about how to avoid being caught as an AV star which now features an English translation.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

The pattern of being caught…

Although we noted above, the chances of being caught if being cautious with your adult video output is small, there are cases of the unthinkable happening if you becomes careless.  These instances of being caught generally happen not from people discovering your career, but of you accidentally spilling the beans.  

We'll now explain the pattern of being caught so for those who truly do not want this to happen, please keep on reading!

Professional selfies. The most common way of being caught by your own actions are having professional on-set selfies taken.  In other words, we have seen instances of women after having makeup done to have pictures shot while on set and accidentally post them up on their private online journals and blogs.  Even if you don't put them online and only keep them hidden somewhere at home, there still is a chance someone you may know such as a boyfriend or your parents discovering them.  And if that happens...well, there's nothing much you can due in terms of denial.

Buying your own work.  There's also the case of you buying your own work.  Just like having pictures taken, leaving these somewhere where they can be discovered is a recipe for disaster.  Of course there's no problem with simply looking up your work on the computer.  We don't recommend going beyond that though.

Not keeping it to yourself.  This is the kind of job you should keep to yourself.  We highly recommend not telling anyone—family, boyfriends, and regular friends too—about your secret AV career.  If you make friends also in the industry, that's a different story, but otherwise it's best to stay mum on your secondary source of (very good) income.  Telling real life friends may be met with approval or the lack of it, but there's a good chance your friends cannot keep a secret like this bottled up.  Even if your output is just a single title, there's a good chance those close to you will find out about it if you don't keep things covert.  It's best to consider your career in the AV industry as 100% separate from what you do in real life.  If you ever feel the need to have a serious discussion, please talk to us instead!

Flaunting your wealth.  Your friends may grow suspicious if they see you all of the sudden dressing in brand-name clothing normally way out of your budget.   They may think you're up to something fishy and attempt to inquire further.  You can lie to them, but that can lead to digging a deeper hole for yourself.  Coming clean may seem like the best option, but it may be hard for your friends to keep your AV career a secret.  Our staff is very skilled in crafting believable alibis for you to use if you're ever put in a situation like this so feel free to inquire further.

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