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“What Do Japanese AV Stars Make?” Redux Part One

Harrows Entertainment - Original Japanese Date: December 4th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 21st, 2015

A deeper look into the types of Japanese AV one can appear in allowing with the pay as noted by HARROWS ENTERTAINMENT.

(Translator's note:  this article is written for prospective AV stars and not their fans.  It's truthful, but some things are a big stretched so do not take everything written in this series as 100% accurate.)

To begin, the big difference between working in AV versus a brothel is the way your body will be appreciated. The former is in the flesh and the latter is by fans from afar. What's more, the latter also is nicely packaged in a format that can be consumed again and again. Another easy to digest nugget of information is that the work is not incredibly hard! For many productions, all you need to do is look good and put on a believable erotic performance. Allow us to now further break down the types of work you can do in the AV industry along with the amount you can make.

Rental DVD
This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about working as an AV star. However, these types of productions make up a small fraction of what's actually stocked at video stores. We know some of you may worry about being caught by starring in this titles, but please feel at ease! If a title is old or not popular, it gets destroyed rather quickly.


Sale DVD
Some DVDs are made to be sold instead of just rented. These titles will be stocked in retailers that mainly only sell adult goods compared to rental titles which may be mixed in with mainstream entertainment. Titles here are cycled in and out very quickly so popular or not, your work probably won't remain on the shelves for too long.


Internet Transmission
There are more production companies than ever that operate online. Most of their sites require people to pay to become a subscriber.

Satellite TV
It's also possible to view adult content on satellite TV, but this also requires a supplementary subscription on top of the basic package. Pay-per-view options are also available. Because of that, the number of people who go through the effort to view movies this way is on the small side compared to the above options.


To be continued...

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