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I'm a Foreigner and I want to be in Japanese AV! Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: December 5th, 2015
English Translation Published: February 3rd, 2016

Japanese AV mainly only features native cast in its titles but as a foreigner it is still possible to also star in one provided a few requirements are met.

We at My Dearest Desire and ZENRA frequently receive email from AV fans across the planet who want to act in titles.  Granted, foreigners rarely do appear in Japanese AV and the ones who do may be the target of extra scrutiny by non-Japanese fans (sour grapes perhaps?).

When it comes to male talent, so long as you are charismatic, can get hard, maintain that hardness, ejaculate when the time is right, and don't spook the actress or any of the studio staff, you're already on the welcome list.  Of course you will also need to speak Japanese at a near native level and also be in Japan.

It's these last two requirements where curious foreign actors-to-be fall flat on.

No, pretty much all companies now are on shoe-string budgets so they won't film a title in your home country.  No, if they cannot communicate with you without having to use an interpreter, then you probably are looking at nil chances of being hired*.

*Does not necessarily apply for foreign female talent!

Sex is the issue among many others that requires clear communication.  This goes double on an AV set where acts that can be rather risque and abnormal are carried out.  Even bukkake sets where extras simply just have to masturbate until it's their time to shine require preparation.  However, being a juice man extra is probably the easiest way any man—foreigner or Japanese—can enter the industry as an actor.

The only downside to the bukkake path though is that these titles are in the middle of a downswing in popularity so you may need to wait a few years (or longer) before they start being filmed again in great numbers.

As a foreign man, your best bet to appear on an AV set in front of the camera is to find a way to get to Tokyo and in the meantime study Japanese like there's no tomorrow.  If you're language skills are not up to task, please don't become upset at potentially being declined a job.  Production companies aren't run by faceless, racist overlords.  Most are skeleton crews and just want filming for a title to run as smooth as possible.  If a foreigner is not needed for the shoot to begin with, and that guy who keeps emailing you writes like he's still in primary school, then it may be best to skip out on inviting him.

Now there are a few production companies that frequently feature foreigners both as actors and actresses.  Without consulting our cheat sheet, there's PLUM who features both pretty often and most likely has an English-speaking staff on payroll.  MOMOTARO is another huge studio and again probably also has English-speakers.

As a guy, you'll need something going for you to be considered so from our perspective at least, your best bet would be simply starring in a juice man-type role and working alongside regular Japanese men.

To be concluded


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