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Azusa Nagasawa Interview Volume 1

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2013
English Translation Published: September 1st, 2014

Curvy with a rare hourglass figure capped by massive breasts best describes the hyper popular Japanese AV star Azusa Nagasawa whose career spanned 5 years.

Azusa Nagasawa has been a fan favorite since her 2008 debut. However, these last six months, she's been taking time off from filming. What happened during this time? The first of three interviews.


Interviewer: So you debuted in 2008?

Azusa Nagasawa: I've been an AV star for 5 years now though I'm sure most know that I took some time off recently.


I: How long did you take time off for?

AN: A little over half a year.


I: Did anything happen? Your fans were very worried and thought you may have retired.

AN: Is that so? I saw comments on my blog with people asking the same thing. I didn't see anyone wishing me the best on my filming so I wasn't sure the best way to reply.


I: Then this interview will be good to help put your fans at ease.

AN: Yes, I think everyone will be pleased.


I: To get down to business, can you tell us what led up to you taking time off?

AN: I wasn't really feeling it last October. I had a meeting with my manager about what to do about my future job prospects as an actress. I told him I was thinking of quitting as my future as an actress was not very clear to me.


I: And then?

AN: He disagreed by saying I still had more to do. I felt like this gave me a second wind to try my hardest at acting which I did well into December.


I: But?

AN: That second wind was short-lived and I couldn't handle it for long. I really felt like I was only putting part of myself into productions resulting in acting I felt kind of sorry for. I told my manager I really needed a break and from then on I also started updating my blog less and less.


I: Can you expand on what you meant by not being able to handle it?

AN: I was all fine in the morning along with arriving at the studio and applying my makeup. However, I started to feel off after I got naked. Up till then, I never felt that way. It was 100% what Azusa Nagasawa was not supposed to be. When I was entangled with an actor, thoughts of 'why am I having sex with this person?' popped up in my head causing me to feel unnaturally calm.


I: Was there anything in particular that brought about that feeling of 'off'-feeling?

AN: There may not have one thing in particular, but it may have been an issue with the time. Around then I was working on a photo-book, a music CD, and various filming. I think doing this all at once caused me to misplace my emotional drive.


I: You certainly were engaging yourself in various genres of filming back then.

AN: That's right. This was the time I lifted my ban on performing anal sex to the delight of everyone and I felt really energized about it--”The next one's gonna be anal!” Everyone was anxious to see the new me. However, after I did that I wasn't sure how to continue with my acting.


I: Are you back to normal now?

AN: I'm actually studying in school. I was in this work for so long I forgot about all the other opportunities someone my age can take.


I: Did you change in any way?

AN: Until now, I've always thought of myself first and foremost as an AV actress and acted accordingly. I was cautious both at work and out and about.


I: How did you feel about this change?

AN: I felt fresh, but I still had to become accustomed to the change. I actually just started a regular daytime part-time job and it feels like a real fresh start.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: Working in the biz as long as Azusa Nagasawa certainly takes its toll on the mind and body. Everyone deserves some time to rediscover themselves).

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