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Chigusa Hara Interview Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 4th, 2015
English Translation Published: June 8th, 2016

Chigusa Hara is a multi-year Japanese AV veteran with a formidable amount of titles under her belt.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: I definitely get the solo vibe from you. Do you have a tendency to draw inwards when you're worrying about something?
Chigusa Hara: Yea, and I'm really concerned about it! If I catch myself doing it, I'll try to convince myself to stop.

MC: You can do that very easily from what I've seen. You were a master of portraying and unfaithful wife.
CH: It's what I love to do. I try to remain in character as much as possible even when the cameras aren't rolling. Sometimes this can result in an even better connection with the actor when filming resumes. The flip-side is feeling glum when the filming finally does end. Glum...and also lonely!

MC: Aren't you also fond of having sex outside?
CH: I did a lot sexually before I even entered the AV industry. I've had many older and perverted boyfriends so things like having sex outside came pretty natural to me. I may be negative at times personality-wise, but I'm all smiles when it comes to sex. I guess this kind of puts me in balance? This is something I don't hide so it sometimes surprises people.


MC: Any memorable sex outside from your private life?
CH: I once did on the emergency staircase of a well-known discount store. This was in broad daylight so there was a real risk of people being spotted from both ways. In spite of that, the sex was incredible! When we looked out the window, I could see people in the store facing us watching, but we went at it anyway! We even then had more fun at a park later.

MC: So even without experience you went at it anyway? When did you become this promiscuous?
CH: From as long as I can remember. I may have lacked a large number of serious boyfriends, but I made up for it and then some with sex friends.

MC: It doesn't sound as if you're shy with strangers.
CH: Yea, I find eroticism sometimes helps me get closer to people. However, I am not attracted to people who are nothing but perverts. What I like best are those who are polar opposites of me. So on that note, what I've always had fondness for is guys who like having their butts licked. I've always had those types on my erotic radar and I'll approach them when spotted.

MC: And you really approach those types on the street?
CH: I do, but word's spread as of late about my afternoon engagements.

MC: Even the anus?
CH: Where else?


To be continued...


Interview by Atsuhiro Inoguchi
Photography by Chie Tatsumi
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