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Chigusa Hara Interview Part Five

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 4th, 2015
English Translation Published: June 29th, 2016

Chigusa Hara is a multi-year Japanese AV veteran with a formidable amount of titles under her belt.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: Sorry for moving off tangent, but can you tell us about the guy who took away your virginity? Who was he?
Chigusa Hara: He was my boyfriend and he was 35 years old. My friends introduced us.

MC: That's a 20+ year age gap!
CH: I was up for anything back then so a small age gap like that was a non-issue. He was a major sadist so my first time was pretty rough. I'm really small down there, but didn't seem to care and went crazy with it. My ordering when it came to good sex was totally off. We also did bondage that very first time.

MC: You mean you were bound with ropes?
CH: Yup, real hemp bondage ropes.

MC: What about whips and candles?
CH: Those too. They looked good and I enjoyed it almost too much so he decided to stop it. He was really into being a sadist so my enjoyment of being bound like that may have turned him off.

MC: Interesting developments.
CH: Yea, otherwise I took my sexual development one step at a time. I think that was for the best.

MC: Did you also have sex with him outside?
CH: He took me to some naughty movie theater where it was apparently OK to have sex in. We met some interesting people there.

MC: Did any touch you?
CH: No, that was against the rules.

MC: That sounds like a very worldly place.
CH: If touching happened like that, they may have gotten shut down. Most people were surprisingly shy and nervous about meeting new people.

MC: It sounds like you really broadened your sexuality before doing AV.
CH: I sure did. This may sound kind of negative again, but I was real worried about how well I'd perform after becoming an AV star. There are so many roles available such as lolita, mature, and everything in between and I wasn't sure I could handle any of them! My biggest worry was this and I feared people at home watching would know and would not be pleased.

MC: There are many worse things to worry about. So why did you decide to become an AV star?
CH: I've always wondered to myself how I can work hard on my passions which happens to be the erotic and sex. Working on set has always been fun, but I do notice other actresses sometimes try it way too much as a job without taking much real pleasure from it. This in particular has really worried me. I feel if you don't truly give it your all on set, then your fans may know and this has been my main source of energy when the camera is rolling. There have been times when quitting has been on my mind, but after thinking it over more, being an AV star is my vocation so I'm sticking around. My health was a bit off this year so I cut back to actual filming engagements to only about one a month, but to make up for that I upped the amount of times I'd have opportunities to meet fans manyfold.


Interview by Atsuhiro Inoguchi
Photography by Chie Tatsumi
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