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The Decline in AV Stars?

Nikkan Spa - Original Japanese Date: December 29th, 2015
English Translation Published: April 6th, 2016

According to some industry insiders, the demand for fresh talent to become Japanese AV stars has never been less.

The boom nowadays is all about AV actors. It makes sense though since they're much more exposed to the real comings-and-goings of all that steamy behind-the-scenes action and gossip. On that note, let's delve into that gossip that makes this industry move!

Does the market need more AV stars?

We talked to Rio Yasuda, a well-known commentator about the current state of the industry.

The industry as a whole has been decreasing in size since 2008. Legal downloads have increased a lot, but they have not been enough to offset the declining sales of physical media. To help boost revenue, there has been a greater push to sell more adult toys and there are more fan meet-and-greets now than ever before. Some production companies are even testing out all-you-can-watch subscriptions, but it's still in the trial and error phase.

The industry may not be looking so well, but haven't the actresses become prettier?

The gray area between an idol and an AV star is less nowadays which is making women who would otherwise prefer to do idol work do AV instead. The money still is better after all. Because of this, the barrier to entry has raised to even higher levels.

Has this really resulted in changes to the numbers of prospective actresses?

I heard there are actually way less women applying to be AV stars now. The reason may be the pay for those who aren't at the very top of their respective classes is not so great. Women who may be thinking of doing AV have heard this and some aren't even bothering to apply anymore.

(Translator's note: it's hard to say how accurate Mr. Yasuda's comments are when you compare his remarks to the flourishing of invitations to join the industry adorned on the websites of many 'sexy idol' agencies. Most likely the real demand for woman is more than what he says, but less than it was compared to yesteryear. The actual pay overall is less. There's no doubt about that. There's also less 'slots' left for A-rankers and the ones who hold the highest echelons of stardom seem to be sticking around longer than usual.)

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