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Azusa Nagasawa Interview Volume 2

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: September 2nd, 2013
English Translation Published: September 1st, 2014

Curvy with a rare hourglass figure capped by massive breasts best describes the hyper popular Japanese AV star Azusa Nagasawa whose career spanned 5 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

The second of five interviews with an Azusa Nagasawa, an AV star of five years, who did not stand out at all turning her high school years, but followed destiny with her venture into orgasmic adult video.


Interviewer: Looking back, why did you decide to enter the AV world?

Azusa Nagasawa: I was scouted.


I: How so?

AN: I was catcalled out near Shinjuku station about doing adult work. I was actually looking for a way to get in at the time...


I: You were?

AN: Yea, but I was not thinking of taking the brothel route, but I did have an interview at a place where I would watch men do their thing.


I: So like a masturbation club?

AN: Exactly! It seemed like it would be a pretty easy gig in terms of the sexual stuff I was supposed to do. What's more, it was rare for me to even be in Shinjuku and it was on the way home from the interview that I was scouted. I went right from there to the agency.


I: Tthat was an erotically fateful day for you.

AN: That's right. I would never have stepped foot into an AV agency unless I was scouted first.


I: Weren't there other agencies for high pay work that didn't deal with brothels posted in magazines? What made you decide on the masturbation club route over AV?

AN: I wanted to go somewhere that I didn't feel the need to show off at.


I: So if you weren't scouted, you'd be working at a masturbation club?

AN: Correct, though I never ended up working at that establishment...


I: Why did you decide on working in the adult industry when you were twenty?

AN: I wanted to do something erotic though I can't deny the financial incentive.


I: When did you decide that you wanted to work in the adult business?

AN: It started in my final year of high school when I was dating a perverted guy who was into all sorts of unusual activities.


I: You were already having lots of sex, huh? Were you a virgin before you dated him?

AN: I was.


I: What kind of person was he?

AN: He was a 30 year-old salaryman. It was love at first sight on the way home from high school while stopping at a convenience store. I ran toward him in the store and confessed my feelings.


I: You confessed to him in a convenience store?

AN: Yea, but I was very reserved about it. I walked up, tapped him on the shoulder, and quietly said “Excuse me, but I kinda have feelings for you...” He was really surprised and thought I was doing compensated dating.


I: That sounded almost like espionage on your part. Almost as if you were the honey-pot.

AN: Yea, well we did have a date right after and several dates later, we went to a love hotel where I had my first kiss.


I: You sure were innocent.

AN: Yea, that's what I thought. Sex was a bit iffy at first, but it felt good soon after.


I: I see. How did you further sexual encounters progress?

AN: We did things like having him ejaculate on my face, drinking his semen, irrumatio followed by cosplay with me in a schoolgirl swimsuit and bloomers. We even did some light bondage later on.


I: What you just said sounds like a generic genre list of AV movies.

AN: That's so true. We even gave anal sex a shot, but he couldn't fit it in.


I: You're a curious woman.

AN: Yes, I sure am. Even with the failure of anal sex, I was still in high spirits.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: Yes, masturbation clubs exist. Think of them as a light version of a massage parlor where you do all the work and your masseuse simply watches while flashing panties and cleavage.)

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