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The How-To Guide to Making a Profitable Japanese AV Studio in the 21st Century Second Half

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2016
English Translation Published: September 14th, 2016

The How-To Guide to Making a Profitable Japanese AV Studio in the 21st Century Second Half

(Continued from a previous entry.)

Building on this, the version of the movies pushed to distribution networks should be slightly shorter than the official site version. Just how Japanese versions of music albums have a bonus song, the version of the movie on the official site should have an extra scene. Furthermore, the ‘distribution version’ of the title should make note of this bonus scene in order to lure more users back to the source. Perhaps include the first few minutes of the bonus scene before cutting it off with an advertisement. There are no rules against advertising your own titles in your own movies when they’re sold here and there—in fact most studios do just this so adding an abbreviated preview of a bonus scene should be fine.

Japan is still a country that’s very into physical media. Foreign users scoff at the idea of buying physical copies of porn, but the practice is alive still in Japan. The problem though is nearly all AV companies have their discs pressed in Taiwan and Korea. Make note we’ve zero problems with both countries on a personal level, but when one frequently sees titles that haven’t been released yet pop up on illegal Chinese forums and nowhere else, the source is all too obvious. Thus, we recommend Japanese AV studios ONLY press discs within Japan. Even if it costs an extra few hundred yen per title, the much lower pre-release piracy risk is significantly worth it. This amongst all other threats is enemy #1 in the survival of this industry.

Once a studio has a decent numbers of titles in its library, it should then consider opening up its own paysite akin to the western subscription model. This paysite would charge a monthly fee to view all past contents perhaps from the birth of the studio up to one year before the present. Alternatively, it can cycle certain movies each month though more options is always better. The prices for titles generally drop sharply after they lose their ‘new’ status so this would be a sound way to keep making money off their older titles along with having a guaranteed recurring monthly revenue base.

Again, these are only our thoughts and what-if’s on the matter. But the fact remains, as an independent creator of Japanese AV, we feel these steps: exclusivity both in initial release dates and official site-only versions along with a delayed release to distribution networks, pressing discs only in Japan, and potentially opening a western-model paysite for older releases are the methods needed for a company to remain profitable in this digital age of a playing field that’s all too level.

Bonus Tip!!! If you’re a studio producing your own content, sell the outfits and toys used by the actresses! Even moderately popular actresses should be able to sell worn panties for several hundred USD. Multiply this per scene and factor in multiple movies released a month and that’s another nice revenue source for continued success.

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