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Azusa Nagasawa Interview Volume 3

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: September 2nd, 2013
English Translation Published: September 3rd, 2014

Curvy with a rare hourglass figure capped by massive breasts best describes the hyper popular Japanese AV star Azusa Nagasawa whose career spanned 5 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The third of five interviews with an Azusa Nagasawa, an AV star of five years, who did not stand out at all turning her high school years, but followed destiny with her venture into orgasmic adult video.


Interviewer: Back when you were a high school senior, was sex constantly on your mind?

Azusa Nagasawa: Oh, all the time. My finger helped with my fantasies.


I: Are you saying no one ever asked you out with your cute looks and style?

AN: I was super shy and never talked with guys. I was asked out but it was from someone in the same grade as me and I was not fond of that. Rather, I liked older people like teachers and tended to secretly hunt down trashed erotic mangas that centered around this.


I: It sounds like your schoolgirl adventures set you up for an AV career.

AN: Haha. That's right.


I: Though it seems like shy girls seem to gravitate towards AV work.

AN: I really felt strange for going into this kind of work. I didn't think at first it was for women who thought good about themselves, but that wasn't the case. It made me think more about my calling in life.


I: Would you say you've improved in sex over these last 5 years?

AN: I'm much better at titjobs and I've grown to love fellatio. I've also become more outgoing. I now know how to better please my partner.


I: So does Azusa Nagasawa have a special method of getting men off?

AN: I wouldn't say that. I never pause during lovemaking though. There's always hands, tongues, fingers, or words being exchanged. The point is never to lose focus.


I: What part of you is always moving?

AN: After hearing where my partner likes being pleasured, I'll see how he does it and do my best to emulate it.


I: It sounds just like that masturbation club!

AN: Comparing it to that is embarrassing. It's more of a quest between my partner and myself.


I: So mutual masturbation?

AN: That's right. We watch each other masturbation and take note of hand motions, speed, etc. Using that, it's not simply emulation, but learning from each other.


I: You're pretty smart with this.

AN: I've done a lot of titjobs during filming. However, I think I'm better at giving powerful fellatio. I do think that men prefer me to give them titjobs due to some mental connection with it and having an orgasm. That being said, I feel like it's a necessary part of my routine. I also use a lot of dirty talk.


I: I'm sure there's a lot you can teach. Please let me refer to you as the Sex Master!


To be continued...


(Translator's note: It's interesting how Azusa Nagasawa on one hand may possess immense skills in lovemaking due to her time in AV, but she still manages to give off the voluptuous girl-next-door-vibe.)

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