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Kyouko Maki Interview Volume 2

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: June 17th, 2013
English Translation Published: August 13th, 2014

Expansive breasts somehow find their home on otherwise slim and tight body belonging to the one and only AV star Kyouko Maki who sits down for an interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Born September 3rd, 1990 and hailing from the Kanagawa Prefecture, the second interview with the large-breasted possessor of all things exotic and erotic, Kyouko Maki.

Interviewer: Any unique fetishes?

Kyouko Maki: I love the smell of the small area behind the ears. It seems like lots of pheromones are emitted there. It's such a strange area. I love smelling and licking that area. The scent of the genitalia I also enjoy. Licking that underside of the shaft while sniffing it is so enjoyable. The armpits are another area that I like smelling. Sometimes I encounter someone who smells real nice there. I'm sure there are people like me who love the stench of a guy's pheromones. Sometimes I'll even encounter guys with a really unique and foreign aroma—perhaps some actually were foreignerers. Bathing with soap before lovemaking can be such an unfortunate thing...then again, I also really like the smell of freshly shampooed hair.


I: Do you emit pheromones?

KM: I'm not totally sure. I do sometimes smell my armpits and think they smell good though that doesn't necessarily mean I'm emitting pheromones.


I: I take you have a smell fetish?

KM: Yea, I think I do. I think I also have a fetish for voices. In fact, I love deep, gentle voices. Hearing them flush against me ear makes me...


I: Are there things you like having done to you during sex?

KM: Things I like having done...well, I like being kissed and licked all over. I am a woman so kissing is something I love. Deep, open-mouthed tongue-locking kissing is great. I also like giving and receiving saliva with lots of dripping.


I: It seems like you're big on kissing.

KM: I can be very smoochy, though I do try to see how my lover responds. Sometimes it turns into a battle of the tongues with both of us going at it though if he starts to mellow out, I will as well.


I: Can you tell how to best sync up with your partner?

KM: I guess with kissing I do, but I'll dominate over my partner if I suspect him of half-assing it. Heck, I won't even start if I suspect him of not giving it is all. If I'm with a really dominant partner, then I might spread my legs in submission. It's a natural act with nature deciding who the fittest of us is.


I: How much foreplay is ideal for you?

KM: Fifteen to twenty minutes of licking and being sensually licked from head to toe reciprocally.


I: Where are you most sensitive?

KM: Let's chest, my private area, neck, ears, flank, back, and inner thighs. I'm also fond of my toes.


I: Are you into anal foreplay?

KM: I enjoy both, but I'd prefer to lick them rather than be licked.


I: What is your favorite area to be licked?

KM: Definitely my clitoris. I feel the most sensitive there even more than all the way inside.


I: Do you orgasm during foreplay?

KM: Oh, I surely do. Often and it's quite intense. Lightly playing with my clitoris at first before going all out on it makes me tremble.


I: Do you like having your clitoris sucked?

KM: I sure do...take no prisoners down there.


I: What about pulled back?

KM: Yea, definitely. I like lots of intensity. So yea, I prefer it being vigorously pulled back rather than licked.


I: So sucking or licking, which do you prefer?

KM: With those two options, licking. Going all out feels the best though.


I: By the way, would you say your clitoris is on the big size?

KM: I certainly don't consider it small. I say this after having been involved in lesbian productions.


I: What about after it's licked?

KM: That comes after fingering. Sometimes that's enough to get me off.


I: Is that normal for you to get off so easily?

KM: Yea, isn't that kind of strange? I can orgasm real easily.


I: Does fingering make you have explosive orgasms?

KM: I'd say it depends on the person doing it. With actors, it's almost a given and feels very good. I don't do it that much in my private life.


I: How come?

KM: Cleanup. It's not fun. With that in mind, it's best not to do it at home.


I: Do you get wet easily?

KM: Yes, I'm definitely on the wet side.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: Kyouko Maki (or the interviewer) sure does enjoy talking about her clitoris. Though predictably, her sex life outside of work is quite muted).

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