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Kyouko Maki Interview Volume 3

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: June 20th, 2013
English Translation Published: August 15th, 2014

Expansive breasts somehow find their home on otherwise slim and tight body belonging to the one and only AV star Kyouko Maki who sits down for an interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Born September 3rd, 1990 and hailing from the Kanagawa Prefecture, the third interview with the large-breasted possessor of all things exotic and erotic, Kyouko Maki.

Interviewer: Once inserted, how long does sex take for you?

Kyouko Maki: Hmm, I wonder how long on average. I'd like it to last at least ten minutes though double that would be ideal. If I'm with an actor, then twenty minutes is the bare minimum.


I: What position do you like?

KM: From behind is my favorite though some people's privates are bigger than others. Thus, sometimes old-fashioned missionary does the trick along with me being on top. A lot of it depends on how their dick is shaped. Of course, I leave positioning in the hands of directors when I'm on the clock.


I: Do you have certain positions you like to perform in when working with certain actors?

KM: Yea, I imagine that happens more than I realize. There are times when I think “I'll be doing it with A-san and he likes it form behind” and “B-san's got a big dick so what position would be best for him?


I: What's your ideal penis?

KM: Ones that are on the bigger, longer, thicker, and harder than average.


I: So big, thick ones?

KM: Ones that are long and hard are ideal. What's more, I like them to be on a person big enough to support it without it looking unbalanced. It just can't be extremely big and hard, but it also must be beautiful—especially the glans.


I: I'm sure most actors are big, but are there any who are enormous?

KM: For sure. There's one who is bigger than anyone else and it suits him nicely.


I: With an extra-large actor, can you orgasm in any position?

KM: Any position is fine. Twenty minutes and I'll be dry of orgasms.


I: Can you expand on that?
KM: I'm what you would call noisy in bed...very noisy. Cumming every minute during twenty minutes of pumping is not unheard of for me—I think.


I: Do your earlier orgasms feel any different from later ones?

KM: The first one feels like I was in the air. The last one feels like parts of my mind have went airborne without retuning. The last ones are pretty crazy. The ones at the beginning feel great though I get this sensation of cumming too much at this pace may not be such a good thing as the session continues. My mind starts to feel good yet 'strange'. Either way, if my partner asks me if I've had enough, I always reply with a negative.


I: How do you feel after twenty orgasms?

KM: Quite twitchy in a good way. I still feel capable of doing more. I think I have a lot of fortitude.


I: How many AV gigs do you do a day?

KM: I've done up to three. I don't think I would be able to do anymore. That's just too much.


I: Do you like working on the set?

KM: I sure do. I actually like doing it on a set with a camera filming me versus a venue that's camera-less. Even going to work just to give some fellatio makes me feel good.


I: So a 'venue that's camera-less' means?

KM: Masturbating at home.


I: Do you masturbate often?

KM: Maybe once or twice a week. I still live at home so I can't use any toys—only my fingers. I worry toys like vibrators will make a lot of noise.


I: Noise?

KM: Yea, that buzzing sound they all make. I wouldn't want that sound coming from my room so my fingers will do.


I: How many times do you orgasm when you masturbate?

KM: Even once leaves me fulfilled. However, I prefer doing it with someone than alone.


I: What toys do you prefer?

KM: From my AV experiences, I prefer vibrators that are long and big. I like ones that look like dicks and can also stimulate my clitoris.


I: Do you like vibrators that rotate?

KM: Ones that twirl and rotate are the best.

I: Do you prefer a vibrator or your fingers?

KM: Vibrators. With my fingers, there's a limit of what I can and cannot do. I can't reach all the way in with fingers...


I: What about those types of remote vibrators?

KM: They aren't that strong so I'm not that fond of them. I prefer those magic wands over them.

I: Magic wands?

KM: They're better than the tiny vibrators, but not as good as fingers.


I: So in order?

KM: Besides sex itself: a dick > vibrator > magic wand > tiny vibrator.


I: Do you feel you're more erotic now since your debut?

KM: I sure do. On a scale of 1 to 10, I feel since my debut I've surpassed 100—perhaps even 110 though that may be hard to believe.


I: Thank you for helping us today.

KM: Thank you.


(Translator's note: I sure hope there's more to her life than sex. Perhaps a future interview will talk more about her non-AV adventures? It's surprising how she still lives at home. I wonder if they know?)

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