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Too Many AV Star Hopefuls

Sexy News 24 - Original Japanese Date: April 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: October 17th, 2014

Too many Japanese women are seeking financial aid by way of hopefully becoming AV stars but supply and demand causes pay to go awry.

A weak economy combined with deflation has resulted in a sudden increase in the number of women turning to AV for work, but the rise in applicants has resulted in lower pay compared to the past.

Further covered in an article in the Nikkan Spa, a combination of some AV titles not selling as well along with the sheer amount of women wanting to break into the biz has sent the guaranteed pay—aka 'gyara'--down to near half of what it was some years earlier. This is particularly evident in the Kansai region.

As more and more women of an independent nature find themselves becoming fans of current AV idols, the competition to become one becomes fiercer. Just last month alone, an AV production company in the metropolitan area mentioned they had over 20 new applicants.

Even big name AV stars in the industry are feeling the burn and planning models (AV stars who star in productions starring multiple people instead of one main star) have seen pay-cuts such in the form of 20,000 yen ($200USD) for going all the way with only an extra 10,000 to 20,000 yen ($100 to $200USD) for a nakadashi finish. Behind-the-scenes special videos may pay as much as 50,000 ($500) but aren't that common.

AV hopefuls are now being turned away at interviews which was something that rarely happened in the past.

(Translator's note: The adult industry is where looks AND personality count. Perhaps once upon a time, any women could find work in front of the camera, but the sagging economy for younger folk has made studios be more precise with whom they hire. However, pretty much any woman can find work in the water trade if she's adventurous enough.)

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