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Female Bathhouse Blunder

Sexy News 24 - Original Japanese Date: January 22nd, 2014
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

An accidentally opened window at a Japanese onsen near Kobe has left a female bather distraught at the possibility of someone from outside seeing her nude form.

A long established onsen in the city of Nishinomiya in the Hyogo Prefecture is facing a legal battle from a mentally-anguished female bather in her thirties whom discovered a corridor in the female bathing area of an onsen can be seen by non-female bathers.

August of 2013 saw this woman visit an inn at the Takedao Onsen for a planned stay of one night. She along with her mother were in the onsen area for 30 minutes.

Upon leaving the bathing area, she noticed the window pointing outside was open making the entire bathing area visible.

After pointing this out, the inn apologized to her and offered to comp 10,000 yen (approximately $100USD) off her stay, but she declined and canceled her reservation. Shortly after, she reported feeling stomach aches and issues with insomnia that led to her being hospitalized and diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

She and her lawyer will be presenting her case to the courts in the city of Amagasaki (in the Kobe area) and are seeking restitution of 2 million yen (approximately $20,000USD).

Her worries center around the possibility of someone from outside filming her and putting videos and pictures up online along with the inn breaching its duty to protect the privacy of its guests. The inn has said it has apologized to the woman and has done everything possible to rectify the situation. They wonder how she could not have noticed the open window after being in the bath for over half an hour.

(Translator's note: I feel sorry more for the onsen than the distraught bather as this really did seem like an accident affecting a mentally unstable woman more than anything else.)

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