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Japanse S&M Club Exposed

Sexy News 24 - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: June 18th, 2014

High school senior Japanese schoolgirls were found to be working at a certain nefarious S and M club in Tokyo in clear violating of class regulations.

A Tokyo-based S&M club hiring dispatch workers consisting mainly of schoolgirls has been exposed. There, high school seniors were employed via temp positions over a period of two months beginning in June of 2013. Older customers such as a certain male in his fifties used their services in indecent ways.

Work on average was once a week with clients numbering 3 and a take-home pay of 200,000 yen each month (approximately $2,000USD).

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had doubts that the club was playing by the books when it comes to employing high school students. With an employee roster of 51, the club had sales of around 5-6 million yen a month (approximately $50-60KUSD).

At first glance, the club seemed to feature woman taking on sadistic roles, but apparently it was the other way around. Among such entries on the homepage were comments from the manager about a new staff member, 19 year-old Rin Amami: “She's here! She's wonderful! She's super super cute! A powerful earthquake has struck Tokyo! Fans of maidens rejoice as you will be totally fulfilled! She's a teenager of the Heisei era!. Make no mistake about her! --Omitted-- She has no experience in all things worldly so she's looking for proper training!

(Translator's note: Clubs like this are a dime-a-dozen. This may simply be a case of 'setting an example' by the Tokyo 5-0 or a case of a bold club owner not paying his dues to certain chivalrous organizations.  However, one should take note that high schools in Japan--outside of so-called escalater schools are incredibly strict with their students.  Even 18 year-olds still in school are often barred from working part-time anywhere, let alone a nefarious adults-only club.  This is the reason why many Japanese stores looking for entry-level employees (convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.) have the text 'No High School Students' in bold.  They'd make good employees, but doing so may invoke the ire of the police.)

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