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Azusa Nagasawa Announces Retirement

Azusa Nagasawa Official Blog - Original Japanese Date: January 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

Voluptuous Japanese AV star Azusa Nagasawa announces her exit after a career spanning 5 years.

Happy new years.
I am deeply within your debts for all your support over the last year.

Thank you all for your support in last month's photo event.

I already announced something to people present at the event, but have not yet done so via this medium. Some of you may already know this, but I, Azusa Nagasawa, am retiring!

My recent lack of videos and blog updates may have worried you all and I'm deeply sorry for causing such stress. Some of you may have worried that I went out via an otherworldly romantic departure and I apologize for causing such worrisome conjectures.

I will always remember you all vividly in my heart.

Yesterday's events were in stark contrast to one of my first appearances were I could not help but nervously fret over the high amount of empty seats and empty jokes. Yesterday was anything but.

I'm pleased to make so many of my fans—both here in Japan and abroad—happy through my multitude of videos and photobooks.

Via my work, I gained a lot of experience along with being treated so well by my endearing fans.

I will never, ever forget you all.

Thank you all for showing me the world. Thank you all for your never-ending support. Thank you all for your kind words and support. Thank you all for visiting me no matter how harsh—be it hot or cold—the weather may have been. Thank you all for making me feel so wonderful. Thank you all for warmly welcoming me. I'll always treasure the kind words and gratitude you've all shown me. I'm really and truly thankful.

Even for those who never had a chance to meet me in person and only know me through my blog, I thank you all as well.

My apologies if I offended anyone by not seeming to give it my all. Either way, for this trying line of work, I believe I gave it my best both physically and spiritually.

There were times when my worries may have burdened me, but I still think I gave it my all. There were times when I was fraught with worry and even shed tears, but I pulled through and in the end, remained cheerful. I won't lose to anyone! I want to provide happiness to everyone! That being said, there are some things only I, Azusa Nagasawa, can do. I've done all this so you can meet the real me. You've all been lucky enough to see a side of me even I don't know exists. I really, really, really thank you all.

I've done this all till the very end to stay on top so thank you everyone!!

I'm incredibly gracious for all of your support.

Not just in 2014, but for the rest of your days be healthy and happy. Make the best of your lives.

I don't plan to finish this with some corny dirty joke.

This blog entry along with my upcoming photo event will probably be my last major appearance...perhaps.

I hope we can all remain on good terms until the very end.

(Translator's note: Azusa Nagasawa's career spanned over 5 years making her something of a rarity. It goes almost without saying she had the perfect doses of success to be the quintessential voluptuous Japanese girl-next-door.)

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