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FAQ for Prospective Japanese AV Stars Part 3 of 4

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: September 24th, 2014

Frequently asked questions pertaining to how women in Japan make the jump from normal person to AV star and the hurdles they may encounter along the way.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


This four part entry on My Dearest Desire is the translated FAQ from the famous caterwauling Myu-san's new AV modeling agency. It answers in detail many of the questions women considering becoming AV stars have and also serves as a sumptuous behind-the-scenes look at the workings of performing in the Japanese adult industry. If you've ever wanted to know the process curious women in Japan take to enter the world of AV and potentially become famous AV stars, then read on...

Frequently Asked Questions at Myu's Hustler (note: Myu's Hustler has absolutely no relation to the famous American corporation of the same name):


Q13. Is there a certain skill-set I should have?

A13. Since we deal with so many types of work, having certain skill-sets is not necessary. As long as you're over 18 and not a high school student (please graduate first and then contact us), you can find work via us. For more information about the work-flow and payment details for jobs obtained via Hustler, please visit the 5 Step Process of Working as a Japanese AV Star entry. You're also free to decide to continue or quit working with us at any time. Please come in for an interview whenever you're ready.


Q14. Could I just do this part-time while doing something else?

A14. Absolutely. There is no need to quit your current job while also working with us. We have many models who only work once a week or even once a month. Our priority is to find you work that you're willing and able to do so please let us know your concerns during the interview.


Q15. Can I just do this one time?

A15. Is money needed right away? Working only once is understandable and not an issue at our agency. It's A-OK to simply test the waters by only taking one gig and then calling it quits. You can decide if and when you'd like to continue working. For example, working once this month, taking next month off, and allowing time for 3 jobs the month after is a non-issue. Feel free to take jobs that fit with your preference and availability.


Q16. Can my work on film be found in video rental stores?

A16. Hustler works with a wide range of establishments such as stores that only sell videos, stores that only rent video, magazine shops, specialty shops, large book stores with 18+ sections, and even magazines companies that sell their wares at convenience stores. Please specify during the interview that you'd only like to do video work for videos-for-sale. It's not a problem for us. For more information, please visit the What Do Japanese AV Stars Get Paid? entry. A common fear amongst prospective actresses is that if they perform in productions that are made for rental, they'd be spotted by friends and acquaintances at video rental stores. This fear is unfounded due to the high amount of titles released through the rental circuit. The chances of actually being caught are incredibly slim. Please return to Q11 for more information about the issue of being caught.


Q17. I've heard about those nakadashi videos. Is there a pregnancy risk?

A17. We generally (this nakadashi movie was hosted by Myu) do not offer that type of work as it would be too risky for our models.


Q18. What happens during the interview?

A18. During the interview, we explain our system along with finding out what type of work you are comfortable doing in order to discover what types of assignments would best suit you.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: The AV industry is very welcoming to new talent—new female talent that is. Just like on the other side of the ocean, men need something special in order to enter and find regular employment. It's also harder than you think to perform fully on camera. Stay tuned for further information on the ins and outs of becoming a Japanese AV star with posts on the how work is acquired and how work is carried out.)

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