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FAQ for Prospective Japanese AV Stars Part 4 of 4

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: September 26th, 2014

Frequently asked questions pertaining to how women in Japan make the jump from normal person to AV star and the hurdles they may encounter along the way.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


This four part entry on My Dearest Desire is the translated FAQ from the famous caterwauling Myu-san's new AV modeling agency. It answers in detail many of the questions women considering becoming AV stars have and also serves as a sumptuous behind-the-scenes look at the workings of performing in the Japanese adult industry. If you've ever wanted to know the process curious women in Japan take to enter the world of AV and potentially become famous AV stars, then read on...


Frequently Asked Questions at Myu's Hustler (note: Myu's Hustler has absolutely no relation to the famous American corporation of the same name):


Q19. What should I bring to the interview?

A19. We'll be crafting your profile here so a resume is not needed. However, in order to quickly funnel work your way, please bring a government-issued photo ID in order to confirm your age.


Q20. So do looks matter?

Q20. Take note that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We will emphasize your charms in order to get you a lot of work. Also, we can refer you to beauty salons whom we have affiliations with. Don't worry too much about your looks. Instead, please muster up the courage to come in for an interview! If you have worries about your body, please consult a female staff member using our contact form.


Q21. Can I also work with another agency?

A21. If you already belong to another agency, then we cannot provide you with work as pulling someone away from their current agency is taboo in this industry. Due to the way this industry works, there's no way you can secretly belong to more than one agency. You will be found out with 100% certainty. This is the same as going into the interview and saying you've never worked in the business before when you actually have. This goes against proper business practices and etiquette and should not be done. However, if you previously belonged to another agency and are looking to get back into the industry, we can welcome you with open arms. Take note that if you still have jobs acquired via an agency you left, you will not be able to join Hustler until those commitments end. Please be honest during your interview.


Q22. Does it cost money?

A22. Joining our agency does not cost any money! We will cover all expenses in regards to creating your profile. Be wary of places that charge for profile shots, hair care, offer suspicious upfront loans to cover future costs, and charge monthly fees to remain on the books in spite of promised work never coming. Relax because at Hustler, we take care of everything and won't charge you a yen.


Q23. I'd love to be a talent in the future. Is this possible?

A23. Hustler handles a wide variety of work ranging from V-cinema, satellite TV, variety shows, photo albums, and even event companions. However, the world of adult is separate from the world of entertainment so please consider this before applying. The former may be best if you'd like to accumulate money for a dream that's out of the limelight.


Q24. Doesn't the AV industry attract unscrupulous people?

A24. Many people still associate AV with being run by certain chivalrous organizations, but nowadays an AV company with its multitude of directors and staff along with office workers looks no different than any production company. Although not every company is straight-laced, you won't be receiving any shady assignments from us.


Q25. Can I work where I live?

A25. To join Hustler, you must first come in for an interview. This is an nonnegotiable requirement. Please feel relaxed as there will be a female staff present during the interview. We will cover travel and lodging expenses in Tokyo if needed.


(Translator's note: The AV industry is very welcoming to new talent—new female talent that is. Just like on the other side of the ocean, men need something special in order to enter and find regular employment. It's also harder than you think to perform fully on camera. Stay tuned for further information on the ins and outs of becoming a Japanese AV star with posts on the how work is acquired and how work is carried out.)

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  • cassandra said:

    is there any work such as this in the states for a pretty white girl?

    March 14th, 2015 - Reply

      • My Dearest Desire replied (March 14th, 2015):
      • Tons of work though you would have to ask in the appropriate channels. For Japan-side work, depending on various factors (the most important being whether you can make your way to Tokyo), we may be able to help you find work here. If interested, contact MDD or support.

  • Enteme said:

    I have admired the Japanese AV Industry for a very long time. The prospective for interview demonstrates a caring and good management Company. So very imaginative and erotic. Under different circumstances, ie. being born in Japan and unmarried, I would have loved applying and enjoying being an actress playing the many roles and scenes offered by AV.

    February 28th, 2015 - Reply


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