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What Do Japanese AV Stars Get Paid?

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

The issue of pay is a hot one in the Japanese adult industry with females obviously dominating over men and now information regarding money is out in the open.

So what's the pay for Japanese AV stars? Are there different ranks? Obviously experienced ones and ones more committed to the industry make more. Myu's Hustler Work page lists the types of models, what they do, and of course, the pay.


Non Video Work (up to 2,000,000 yen or approximately $20,000USD)

  • Photobook model from 50,000yen ($500USD)
  • Chaku-ero model (near-nude) from 30,000yen ($300USD)
  • Photography Club model from 30,000 yen ($300USD)

Work is also available as Telephone Girls, Internet Chat Ladies, Cabaret Clubs, and more.


Adult Video Work (video work where you may be having sex)

  • Basic Model from 800,000 to 1,500,000 yen ($8,000 to $15,000USD)
    • As a professional level model, you will star in your own feature films with your own unique image crafted for you by us and our partners. For adult videos, expect to make around one a month.
  • Planning Model from 100,000 to 300,000 yen ($1,000 to $3,000USD)
    • This category applies to women who take on more amateur roles. Examples include 'amateur nanpa' (yes, the majority of those street pickup titles featuring amateurs are staged), schoolgirls, lonely wives, huge breast women, etc. This category also applies to women who appear in titles with large casts—sometimes in upwards of 100 people. Some jobs don't even require you to get naked let alone have sex as you'd be more of an extra. The amount of titles released a month that you can work in are as many or as few as your schedule allows for.
  • Planning Basic Model from 300,000 to 800,000 yen ($3,000 to $8,000USD)
    • A semi-professional level model who does work that puts her in the spotlight, but may not necessarily be the main star. You'll frequently be in movies starring anywhere from 2 to 5 people. The amount of titles released a month that you can work in are as many or as few as your schedule allows for.
  • Yearly Contract Basic Model from 13,000,000 yen (from $130,000USD)
    • The job outline is the same as a Basic Model however, you'd be on contract to produce a title a month. Although this is contract-based work, you are still free to pursue other job opportunities outside of the adult industry.


(Translator's note: The adult industry in Japan pays well—at least for women. If anything, 'famous' names can command even more money and it's quite commonplace for even simple productions to cost in the low 5-figures (USD) to film and produce. Of course, working in a totally exposed field does have its demerits such as potentially being 'found out' by acquaintances and friends. Let the information posted in this article also serve as a wakeup call that many of the 'amateur' productions featuring girls picked up off the street generally involve new faces in the industry and not true blue amateurs.)

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