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A Case for Mosaic Part 2

My Dearest Desire Original Writing - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

The type of mosaic or pixelation used in Japanese AV is one of extreme controversy due to the blocking of genitals but is it necessarily a bad thing?

(Note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


For those wondering about the legality of uncensored Japanese AV movies (at least within Japan), the explanation is pretty simple: they may be filmed in Japan, but they're not for sale in Japan. Rather, they're produced and created for export only. The recent trend of high quality uncensored movies starring current AV stars  is nothing nefarious. Secret studio computers used for mosaic creation have not been breeched.

Now, is all mosaic bad? Could the type of mosaic found in Japanese AV actually help rather than hinder production? Granted, the old school type of mosaic used up the early 2000's was horrible and has no place anywhere, but the 'digital' mosaic trend explained above has its merits. Productions of a hardcore nature always look better without obstruction, but there do exists types of movies that would not work as well if mosaic was not used.

Futanari movies are the best example. For those not familiar with the term, a Japanese futanari is classically a hermaphrodite with very feminine characteristics, but having both male and female genitalia. There have been movies released in the last few years  centered around this fantasy and all have been quite popular. The problem is although they all feature female AV stars, none actually have two sets of genitals. The use of mosaic allows the directors of these movies creative freedom to hide what shouldn't be seen: a skin-colored or clear waist band holding up an inflatable penis.

Another type of movie series that benefits from the use of mosaic are productions centered on the penis. The most salient example is the Penis Washing series  featuring (generally) clothed women who wash their CFNM client's manhood in a wide variety of amorous ways. Most scenes feature plenty of services best described as 'sexual non-sexual' and most finish with accidental ejaculations. Most also feature ample closeups of the legerdemain of the female Penis Washers. Without mosaic, many viewers at home would be pleasuring themselves while looking at extended close-ups of someone else's package which may turn this fun series into something rather uncomfortable.

Seeing an end to Japanese AV with mosaic censorship may be a pipe dream—at least for all movies. Some movies such as the straight-forward hardcore type may benefit immensely from being released uncensored, but movies that stretch into the realm of fantasy such as the aforementioned futanari movies would look downright goofy without the artistic license that mosaic usage provides.

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