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Haruki Satou Interview Part 2

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: April 25th, 2014
English Translation Published: June 11th, 2014

Japanese AV star Haruki Satou sits down for an interview about her rare ability to orgasm explosively and how she discovered it.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The second of three interviews with Haruki Satou, who boasts an audacious explosive shiofuki ability and has been called the next Hotaru Akane. A closeup look at this wonder of nature.


Interviewer: 'Haruki Satou = shiofuki' and 'Haruki Satou is the shiofuki queen.' How did your unique ability come about?

Haruki Satou: I first experienced it back when I was in high school during a fateful and surprising session with my fingers. It was a cute, yet bonafied shiofuki.


I: No splashing?

HS: I first thought I just went to the bathroom unexpectedly and it wasn't until I entered the AV industry that I found out otherwise. From then on, it became my thing.


I: So you thought you had an accident in bed the first time?

HS: There was some trickling less than splashing the first time so I thought I went #1. Being with AV actors is where I learned how to really make it fly.


I: There's a technique?

HS: You gotta go all out.


I: Is there a spiritual component?

HS: Funny. I wonder...the technique comes with the output and I'm not really sure how to explain it. I know when it's coming and when it's going to explode out of me.


I: Do you know when it's going to go airborne?

HS: Yup. I'm not sure if this is the correct way to say it, but it won't fly if I'm not wet enough.


I: Are your best shiofuki episodes done via intercourse?

HS: Sometimes yea, and it can fly very far. People think there's a connection with being hydrated by drinking lots of water and tea but I don't think that's necessarily the least for myself.


I: For you it comes naturally and not something that's bound by effort?

HS: There's definitely things I need to look out for. I've made a snafu before. You may know this already, but Red Bulls are a staple at sets. I carelessly drank one before filming and my shiofuki ended up having a fluorescent yellow tinge to it. I learned from that to watch my intake of those types of vitamin drinks before shooting.


I: This is a must-read for future aficionados of shiofuki. After 3 years of being an AV star, has your body changed in any ways?  How about your erogenous zones?

HS: I've been loving my nipples as of late. They're so sensitive and I love making them hard on my own along with having them teased by men. I feel bummed if men don't help me out in that regard. Also, the sound of men breathing deeply is a turn-on. I'm at the point now where I can orgasm solely via nipple play.


I: Being able to orgasm just by your nipples is incredible!

HS: Sometimes I'll rest on my side with my legs crossed and read a manga on my phone with one hand while making myself orgasm by playing with my nipples with the other. That's how I can cum without even getting my lower body involved!


I: That's wonderfully in its simplicity. How did you masturbate before?

HS: Before that it was either with a vibrator or my fingers. I had to have something inside of me. My idea of reaching an orgasm made for a delayed payoff.


I: When did you discover how to orgasm quicker?

HS: When was it? I think it was when doing some shoot with an actual special doctor that helped me figure out how I can make myself orgasm without having to rely on fingering and otherwise touching myself down there. That's when I really learned all about well-timed orgasms. From then on, cumming came easy.


I: Which title was it?

HS: Possibly something I did with Crystal.


I: Was it this one?

HS: Maybe. It isn't that new, but it's still worth seeing!


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: Not every women can explosively orgasm—aka shiofuki—and only some can do it incredibly well and essentially on command. Haruki Satou belongs to the rare group that makes up the latter. It's nice to see her second interview less about her nearly unsustainable work ethic and more about what makes her feel good.)

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