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Gravure Idols Are Writing Books Now? Part 1

messy - Original Japanese Date: May 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: August 6th, 2014

Japanese gravure models one by one are penning novels and although some have interesting stories to tell, others do not and crash and burn beautifully.

It was somewhat unexpected when Moe Oshikiri published her book Superficial Dreams and it was downright surprising when popular gravure idol Anna Konno followed suit in April of this year. What's more, it was an erotic novel about the loss of innocence.

Big-breasted Satomi Ishihara is doing it!” may have been part of the reason Anna Konno decided to switch gears by attempting to show off her 'unique personality' in the Japanese talent circuit (something that lesser known AV stars have tried in the past). Rewinding a bit, why would a gravure idol write a book in the first place? This has kept me awake at nights and been a burden on my thoughts during the day when waiting on line at the supermarket register.

A gravure idol not selling well may hear suggestions from a savvy cameraman that perhaps she should go into AV of a POV nature (and perhaps she may secretly desire this as it surely does pay better.). Then again, this is the plot that Anna Konno's novel follows and the main character seems to eventually find success through meandering ways. The story itself is pretty run-of-the-mill for an erotic novel. Her book is different than Moe Oshikiri's Superficial Dreams in that it's about a general model's success story instead of a gravure model. However, whereas Moe Oshikiri's novel was written in the first-person-perspective, Anna Konno's seems devoid of a protagonist. Given Anna Konno's work as a gravure idol, it's easy to imagine the book being about her. Erotic novels frequently also have adult illustrations, but her book features ones that are of a gravure theme instead.

Without much fanfare, Anna Konno's book starts right away with sex. It honestly first felt like a sleazy cell-phone novel, but her writing was unexpectedly high quality. I truly believed she didn't write this on her own. I never thought she'd forgo all the pressure from her agency about using a ghostwriter and I was expecting to see a mention of it in the book's afterword. Heck, I at least imagined she'd fib about using not using one and in a dramatic turn of events, he'd announce himself at a later date. Nevertheless, I'm still not sure what to make of it.


To be continued...


Written by Caetano Takeno Coimbra
Takeno was born in the 1980's in the Fukushima Prefecture. Keeping a popular online diary since the dawn of the internet age in Japan, Takeno now works independently dealing with both online sales and online sales data analysis.


(Translator's note: A gravure idol writing an erotic novel? Since gravure does not feature anything explicit (although nudes sometimes make appearances in the form of chakuero), could Anna Konno's book perhaps be a precursor to her own turn to Japan's 'other' scantily clad industry?)

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