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Erika Momotani Interview Part 2

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2014
English Translation Published: July 9th, 2014

Fast becoming one of the most popular and in demand actresses in Japanese AV, the almost too cute Erika Momotani gives her first interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


I: March 21 saw your next release, The Case of Erika Momotani, Reservations Only for a One-Night Two-Day Romance with a Beautiful Girl Chapter 2, where you and an AV actor spent some authentically erotic time together.

EM: Being at an actual ryokan with him was a pretty surprising experience. I felt very close to him since he was so easy to talk to and very kind. Granted, I was still kind of embarrassed with the crew present, but I still tried hard to give a good performance by imagining it was just us two.


I: Your next title, Absolutely New Beautiful Girl For Rent Act 20, features you visiting real amateur fans.

EM: That title isn't yet out so I can't get divulge too much about it, but I actually got a little emotional and shed some tears. I'm still new to AV so my confidence levels remain on rocky ground. It's a tough job.


I: And beginning March 28, Media Global Stage Douga will start airing your new title which will only be available on their site (smartphones). It's slightly deceitful where an amateur fan is swapped with a professional actor. It featured some surprising yet magnificent total face-licking that smoothly segued into even lewder play.

EM: It was surprising for me, too. I had no idea the tongue licking me belonged to a professional actor.


I: You sure were in charge when giving him fellatio and later on with cowgirl.

EM: Well, that's how I usually am in private. I prefer it that way. However, both doing and talking during filming is a different story because it's not easy.


I: I'm impressed if you naturally are able to talk that dirty and also do it on camera.

EM: To err on the safe side, I did watch some lewd women AV for research purposes. Going full sadistic like they do is really difficult!


I: You're already performing like a pro in spite of being in the biz only for several months.

EM: I don't think I'm there yet. I'm definitely lacking something in the erotic department.


I: Not at all! It's incredible to see someone your age muster up this much erotic energy. Do you do anything in your daily life to ensure you perform well on camera?

EM: I take care of myself. I try hard not only to not gain weight, but to also not turn into a twig so I lift weights and stretch regularly. It's a life requirement.


I: Any AV genres you're itching to try out?

EM: Chikan productions! I've always been a fan of chikan movies and they really turn me on since they're so outlandish.


I: You have a burgeoning fan base. I notice your blog is receiving more and more comments and the number of followers you have on Twitter is increasing.

EM: I was planning on having my first event for awhile and the day I finally had it, the weather turned sour. Nevertheless, many fans came out to see me. My second event was even better and even more people came by. I read each and every comment posted on my blog and Twitter and take them to heart.


To be concluded...


Text by Takahiro Iguchi / Images by Chie Tatsumi


(Translator's note: Hear that? Just like Haruki Satou, Erika Momotani also takes weight lifting seriously. Longevity in the acting profession she has chosen requires muscular strength along with a serious drive to succeed. Even looks come secondary to a magnetic personality and her fans already are seeming to catch on to this.)

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