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Pervert at the Scramble Intersection

Sports Hochi - Original Japanese Date: June 16th, 2014
English Translation Published: July 16th, 2014

World Cup fans rowdy and impromptu party at the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing leads to incidents of chikan.

After watching Japan's World Cup loss to the Ivory Coast in a sports bar in Shibuya, a flood of fans left the establishment and made their way to Shibuya Station via the infamous Scramble Crossing. A group of impromptu female police officers in formidable numbers was there in an attempt to keep things orderly. Nevertheless, apprehensions were made of men who appeared to be engaging in groping women—also known as chikan. The news of these arrests surprised the bustling area full of shops and businesses beyond count.

It was disgraceful especially after the Japanese were shown to be such good sports by cleaning up the stadium after their loss. Soccer fans aplenty invaded the sacred grounds of Shibuya's Scramble Crossing and made it their own to the shock of many. Young people completely ignored the changing traffic lights and the police had no choice but to come out in force in attempt to put a lid on their over-zealous activities after the match ended.

Around this time, a women with a voice of gold stepped on top of one of the patrol cars and armed herself with a microphone and mellifluously bellowed out, “fooling around in the intersection not only causes a nuisance, but is also dangerous for everyone including yourselves.” This voice belonged to one of the impromptu female police officers—the DJ Police--described above. This wasn't the first time these DJ Police where used as the actual Tokyo police department deployed them last year during a World Cup qualifier match.

However, in spite of a good faith attempt at order, not all the nuisance-causing activities could be squelched. The 15th of June saw apprehensions made at the Scramble Crossing for violations of the Tokyo Nuisance Prevention Act where incidents of chikan were apparently carried out. In particular, one jobless gentleman in his forties from the neighboring city of Kawasaki was caught in the act.

He was charged with inappropriately touching the body of a women in her twenties at the famous intersection in the early hours of the morning not long after the match ended. She managed to restrain him while calling for aid. The following day saw an increase of troubled grumbles on Twitter about the rise of chikan activity in the Shibuya district. Many of the comments were about how men would fake giving high fives so they could do other things that require body-to-body contact.


(Translator's note: Chikan does not just happen in Japan, but the tight spaces found on train cars make it so commonplace that women have opted to segregate themselves with the introduction of female-only cabins. On one hand, this is a plus for those with fears of being groped by salarymen, but it does not help at all with truly being a fix for the gender issues that plague Japan. If anything, it's just a band-aid attempt at patching a larger social issue. Unfortunately, until the older generation (those that are most prone to performing chikan) exit the stage, these types of incidents will sadly continue.)

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